Cracked Windshield? Repair or replace your windshield…

A crack in your windshield is never a good sign, but it’s even worse when that bad-sign turns into an expensive nightmare. Cracks in your windshield can usually be repaired without replacing the entire window. In order to avoid having a crack or chip obstructing your view while you drive, measure it and identify whether it’s less than 12 inches long with a quarter being smaller than the size of an inch – if so, then bring it into one of our professional glass shops for repair before driving again!

  • Protect against dirt. Dirt that gets into a crack or chip can make it more difficult to repair and placing tape over the point of impact is only an option if you don’t mind compromising your vision when driving!
  • Stay away from the sun. Park vehicle in a shady area or inside a garage to avoid heat and prevent it from weakening your windshield even further.
  • Don’t ignore the problem; otherwise you’ll end up with a big issue. Your small cracks and rock-chip “bull’s eyes” can spread if not repaired – which could lead to something much more serious down the line like getting pulled over for driving conditions that are unsafe or even worse!
  • Don’t drive with a cracked windshield unless it is smaller than 12 inches or you have an even bigger problem.
  • It’s critical to keep your windshield safe, so don’t blast it with heat or cool air. You want a balance of the two extremes – not too much hot and cold. So if you’re forced to use the defroster in freezing temperatures, turn on your car’s heater first!
  • Don’t create extra pressure inside the vehicle by slamming doors with windows all the way up. The car doesn’t appreciate it!
  • You should never wash your car in a storm. The moment you turn the hose on, water will get down into that area and cause more damage to your windshield than it already has been damaged by hail.
  • You should always have your windshield replaced if it’s been smashed or cracked. In order to maintain the structural integrity of your car, even small cracks and chips in a window can be hazardous over time. Get them fixed as soon as possible!
  • Don’t even think about going to a general mechanic for your windshield repair or replacement. They will do more harm than good, and they won’t be able to meet the rigorous requirements of auto-glass specialists like us!

One important task that should be done to ensure your safety is checking on the quality of auto glass. Contact Premiere Auto Glass – an auto-glass provider for windshield repair or replacement and look for a glass installer that is registered, certified, and has fully trained technicians — many installers offer mobile service so they can come right out to you!

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