How to Handle a Windshield Rock Chip Repair

When you’re driving down the highway and hear that loud popping noise coming from your windshield, it can be a thoroughly alarming experience. It is hard to tell in second how extensive the damage actually is but once you manage to stop car inspection there are few indicators of what’s going on with your vehicle.

The windshield is made of two layers: an outer layer and a plastic-filled inner layer. Flying debris hits the surface, it punctures through the first glass layer which then traps air between both surfaces. For the latter, good news! Depending on your company’s policy and how much you make per year, it can be as low as $0 Out-of-pocket (we’ll get into that later). For now let’s talk about what to do if this situation isn’t something you think would work well for you.

 Determining the Severity of the Damage

When you first look at the damaged area, notice how the crack formed. There might be a straight line or even a star shape. You’ll also want to consider depth and length: cracks that are not longer than 3 inches deep can usually be repaired with relative ease.

  The First stage of a Professional Windshield Rock Chip Repair

In order to make sure everything’s done safely and efficiently, the first thing that you need is an access point for this trapped air. We do it in different ways depending on what we find when we get there. Sometimes a pick will be enough, but sometimes more work needs to be put into getting all of those pesky shards of glass out from around where they got caught up!

 Filling In the Crack

Once ready for the windshield rock chip repair, a tool –bridge- is placed over the impacted area. This tool has an airtight piston which is filled with resin that will replace shattered glass by filling all of its shards in as well as sucking out any open spaces between them using suction power.

First, the windshield has to be prepped for rock chip repair. The crushed area is covered with a tool called a bridge. A piston inside this bridge will replace shattered glass by filling all of its legs and drawing out any air bubbles in between them.

With some final polishing, the glass looks good as new and your safety is guaranteed.

If you are looking to get a replacement for your car, but also want the windshield replaced at no additional cost – look no further. The right company will provide this service without any hidden costs down the line!

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