The importance of choosing a reputable Auto Glass Repair Company

Auto glass is a necessary part of our everyday lives. We use it for protection against the weather, as well as to help us view more clearly when driving or seeing through windows. If you’ve ever had an auto glass problem and needed to find someone who specializes in fixing broken glass safety features then I have some great news!

I know how stressful this can be: looking up reputable repair shops that offer quality services at affordable prices while trying not to get taken advantage of by companies with low standards are just two things one needs to consider during these times… but don’t worry; now there’s hope for all your worries thanks to Premiere Auto Glass Mesa.

When you need to have your auto glass repaired, it’s important that you know what steps are necessary for finding the right company.

They Inspect Your Auto Glass

You would think that buying auto glass from a reputable manufacturer is enough, but with all the hands autos pass through before they reach you it’s not always so. That’s why choosing an experienced and attentive company to install your window panes might be more important than just finding someone who won’t gouge you on price.

Dealer or OEM Glass is the Only Acceptable Choice

Quality is important. “Generic glass” or repaired glass can’t compare in the quality department to new dealer, OEM glasses that are manufactured with care and precision by trained professionals according to strict standards

Only High-Quality Installation Materials are Used

The material that is used to hold your auto glass in place can be very important. The right company for an auto glass repair will only use the same adhesive as the manufacturer uses themselves. The urethane that they use has a PSI of 1,000 and it’s designed to securely hold your car’s windshield in place during a collision with something else like another vehicle or object on the road such as a tree branch, mailbox post, etc.

They Use Two Technicians for Installation

Installing your auto glass correctly needs two-persons. It’s also important that you do it the right way on the first try, with no room for mistakes – one wrong move could put water and air where they shouldn’t be in an automobile! Installing windshields incorrectly can result in shoddy looking workmanship or improper sealing from wind gusts entering through improperly placed windows; so make sure to take care of this as soon as possible by contacting our company today!

Cowl Panel Removal is Required

In order to not have a quality auto glass repair, the cowl panel— that plastic cover found along the bottom of your car’s windshield —must be removed. Take caution when removing it as this is where most airbags are located and vehicles should always be parked on level ground for safety purposes.

They Offer a Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime guarantee is a mark of quality work, as it shows that your auto repair company stands behind the installation. In addition to this promise, when you purchase glass from one of our shops we make sure the pinch welds are treated with care and precision using only industry-standard methods for installing glasses. The end result will be lifelong protection against wind noise or moisture damage!

Accommodating Your Schedule is Crucial

The right auto glass repair company is the only one who gets it. They know that you need to focus on all of your other responsibilities, and they don’t want any distractions from preventing you from driving safely or getting everything done around the house for your family. That’s why they work so hard to make sure Saturday appointments are available in order to accommodate yours schedule – as well as those early morning and late afternoon hours when most people have a little more time.

 With more than decade of auto glass installation experience, Premiere Auto Glass is the go-to company when you need glass repair in Mesa and the surrounding area. At Premiere Auto Glass, you get careful attention to detail as they treat each vehicle just like it’s their own.

Contact us for free quotes and to schedule an appointment. 

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