Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair


Are cheap windshield replacement prices an indication of poor quality?  This is one of many questions I find a lot of consumers asking. I’m not a fan of the word “cheap”.  Cheap in my vocabulary is used to describe something that is made of poor quality.  I prefer to use the term “less expensive” or “low cost”.  So I’m going to change the question before attempting to give an answer.

Are low cost windshield replacement prices an indication of poor quality?  I can’t really give a strict yes or no answer to this question so my answer would be “sometimes” since it would depend on the type of glass being used by the auto glass shop.  You might be able to get a windshield quote from two different shops for $149 and then find out through one simple question that only one is installing quality auto glass.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is.  That said, there are questions you should ask the auto glass installer such as “do you offer a warranty?” and “do you guarantee your work?” but the most important question I would ask pertains to the type of glass.  Be sure to ask the auto glass shop what type of glass they will be using to perform your windshield replacement.  Will they be using OEM or Aftermarket auto glass?

Due to some past bad experiences, I personally would recommend having an OEM windshield installed over an aftermarket windshield and here’s why.  OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and is my preferred choice of glass since the quality has to meet the manufacturer specifications for safety.  An aftermarket windshield generally won’t match the thickness and shape of an OEM windshield which can lead to wind noise and in some cases (my past bad experience) distorted views when looking through the glass.

Before getting into the auto glass industry I didn’t know about the different types of glass available and hired a local shop to perform a windshield replacement on my Nissan Maxima.  Everything look great after the installation was complete but when I go in the car and headed to the store I noticed that everything seemed wavy when looking through the passenger side of my windshield.  This was the result of having aftermarket glass installed.  I’m sure there are some aftermarket windshields that look great and can save you a lot of money but I’m sticking with OEM from this point forward.

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