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Premiere Auto Glass offers fast windshield repair and replacement in the Mesa, Phoenix Metro area. If your car needs a new window, we come to you or meet at one of our convenient locations for quick service! Call us today to get up to $375 cashback on your vehicle window installation.


Premiere Auto Glass provides top-notch auto glass repair services at your home or office in Phoenix Metro area and Mesa. We value your time, so we work hard to make an appointment that is convenient for you no matter what day of the week it may be! Our technicians are NGA certified, which means they have some of the highest standards when it comes to automotive certifications. They install only high quality parts on any vehicle because safety matters most!


We’ll work with your insurance provider to get you a replacement for your cracked windshield at no cost. If you have qualified coverage, we will help walk the paperwork through and handle any issues that may arise between providers in order to make this process as simple as possible on our end!


Premiere Auto Glass guarantees 100% satisfaction on all of our work, and offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects. We want you to be happy with the product we install in your vehicle; that is why customer service is always foremost on our minds when doing business.

America’s most trusted auto glass installation company, Premier Auto Glass, is proud to offer quick service for any and all of your car window needs! When you call us today for a quote or an appointment, we’ll ask about the make, model, year and color of your vehicle before providing a price estimate.  With our mobile installation service available in the Mesa area as well as at one of our convenient locations near you or your work location, there’s no need to worry about transportation during this stressful time! Call us today for up to $375 cash back on your car window installation with Premier Auto Glass – America’s most trusted installer.

The importance of choosing a reputable Auto Glass Repair Company

Auto glass is a necessary part of our everyday lives. We use it for protection against the weather, as well as to help us view more clearly when driving or seeing through windows. If you’ve ever had an auto glass problem and needed to find someone who specializes in fixing broken glass safety features then I have some great news!

I know how stressful this can be: looking up reputable repair shops that offer quality services at affordable prices while trying not to get taken advantage of by companies with low standards are just two things one needs to consider during these times… but don’t worry; now there’s hope for all your worries thanks to Premiere Auto Glass Mesa.

When you need to have your auto glass repaired, it’s important that you know what steps are necessary for finding the right company.

They Inspect Your Auto Glass

You would think that buying auto glass from a reputable manufacturer is enough, but with all the hands autos pass through before they reach you it’s not always so. That’s why choosing an experienced and attentive company to install your window panes might be more important than just finding someone who won’t gouge you on price.

Dealer or OEM Glass is the Only Acceptable Choice

Quality is important. “Generic glass” or repaired glass can’t compare in the quality department to new dealer, OEM glasses that are manufactured with care and precision by trained professionals according to strict standards

Only High-Quality Installation Materials are Used

The material that is used to hold your auto glass in place can be very important. The right company for an auto glass repair will only use the same adhesive as the manufacturer uses themselves. The urethane that they use has a PSI of 1,000 and it’s designed to securely hold your car’s windshield in place during a collision with something else like another vehicle or object on the road such as a tree branch, mailbox post, etc.

They Use Two Technicians for Installation

Installing your auto glass correctly needs two-persons. It’s also important that you do it the right way on the first try, with no room for mistakes – one wrong move could put water and air where they shouldn’t be in an automobile! Installing windshields incorrectly can result in shoddy looking workmanship or improper sealing from wind gusts entering through improperly placed windows; so make sure to take care of this as soon as possible by contacting our company today!

Cowl Panel Removal is Required

In order to not have a quality auto glass repair, the cowl panel— that plastic cover found along the bottom of your car’s windshield —must be removed. Take caution when removing it as this is where most airbags are located and vehicles should always be parked on level ground for safety purposes.

They Offer a Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime guarantee is a mark of quality work, as it shows that your auto repair company stands behind the installation. In addition to this promise, when you purchase glass from one of our shops we make sure the pinch welds are treated with care and precision using only industry-standard methods for installing glasses. The end result will be lifelong protection against wind noise or moisture damage!

Accommodating Your Schedule is Crucial

The right auto glass repair company is the only one who gets it. They know that you need to focus on all of your other responsibilities, and they don’t want any distractions from preventing you from driving safely or getting everything done around the house for your family. That’s why they work so hard to make sure Saturday appointments are available in order to accommodate yours schedule – as well as those early morning and late afternoon hours when most people have a little more time.

 With more than decade of auto glass installation experience, Premiere Auto Glass is the go-to company when you need glass repair in Mesa and the surrounding area. At Premiere Auto Glass, you get careful attention to detail as they treat each vehicle just like it’s their own.

Contact us for free quotes and to schedule an appointment. 

Window Care: Tips and Tricks

The glass on your car windows is delicate. Unlike other parts of a vehicle, you have to keep an eye out for air bubbles and scratches that show up as the window ages.

When we think about caring for our car’s windows, it might seem like there isn’t much to do because they’re just made from glass – but if this was any other part of your vehicle then you would need regular inspections too! Just like anything else related to cars, we want our windshields clean with no cracks or stains so check in often until those problems arise and fix them right away before the damage gets worse.

1. Chips on the Windshield

When driving, rocks thrown up by other cars can cause small cracks on the windshield. Sometimes these chips are so tiny that they don’t affect your view or how it looks from outside of the car; however, if you ignore them long enough without repairing them, then eventually a crack will appear and this is when things get more complicated.

The most important thing to remember about chip repair is not ignoring problem areas because once one area has been damaged there’s no way stop any additional damage done unless repairs have already been made within 24 hours after initial contact with an object that may create chipping like for example-a pebble bouncing off during sharp turnings. The last thing you want is to be driving in the rain with a cracked windshield, which could cause your car’s structural integrity. Chips can easily spread over time if they aren’t addressed promptly and professionally by an auto glass repair expert. If these issues are left untreated for long enough then it may lead to needing the whole window replaced at high costs (time + money). Get ahead of any potential problems before their severity worsens with professional help from an experienced company like ours!

The best way out of this situation would be come visit us- we’ll make sure that all chips on your vehicle will get fixed as soon as possible so there won’t need replacing later down the road or worse yet risking injury while driving during inclement weather.

2. Regularly Clean Your Windows

You need to regularly clean your windshield and car windows. Many things can stick to them, including insects, dirt or bird droppings that get on the glass. When you thoroughly clean your car make sure to wipe down both sides of the window with a high-quality cleaner and microfiber cloth so they’re really sparkling!

3. Make Sure Your Wiper Blades are Up to Date

Wiper blades are notorious for tearing without any major cause. Torn wiper blades can also scratch the windshield, which will be permanent and you’ll need to replace it with a new one if there is an issue in your wipers.

4. Keep Your Car in the Shade

You need to be careful about what kind of windows you have in your car. All cars are not the same, and some types can’t withstand the heat from sunlight as well as others. Windows that haven’t been properly coated with a special spray-on plastic coating might start peeling off or cracking for no reason at all if they’re constantly exposed to direct sunlight even just a little bit too long – which is why it’s so important that when possible, people keep their window shades closed during daylight hours whenever they drive around (especially near big cities).

Premiere Auto Glass is the leading auto glass service provider for Mesa. If you need any of our services, we offer free quotes and can come to your convenience. Contact us today!

Checklist of all options when it comes to windshield repair

What are your options when it comes to windshield repair? Here is a checklist of all you need to do:

Take a Photo of Your Windshield 

The first step you want to take when your windshield is cracked should be taking a photo of it. This way if the insurance company asks for an accurate description they can look at the exact picture and see what’s wrong with it. It’s always best to have proof in case something happens where there might not be covered from repair due to the damage on thy car.

Measure the Damage

 What is the next step in fixing a broken windshield? Well, first you need to measure it. If the crack doesn’t go past six inches then there are ways of repairing it yourself with some adhesive and pressure sensitive tape. But if your damage goes beyond that length, chances are replacing will be necessary which may take up more time than just measuring would have done.

File an Insurance Claim 

Once you’ve taken a photo and measured the crack, don’t stress yourself anymore. Premiere Auto Glass, Mesa takes care of your insurance claim for you so that all of this process is as smooth as possible. It would be very helpful if an auto glass repair shop file with your insurance on behalf but in case they can’t do it themselves (which often happens) here’s how to handle filing the claim: Take photos from different angles, Measure the breakage

Visit an Auto Glass Repair Shop or Call for a Mobile Repair Service

If you are in need of an auto glass repair, the first thing to do is call a local service and make an appointment. The technician can usually come out that same day so it won’t take long at all for your car window to be fixed up! There may be some instances where there’s a crack on the windshield that needs more extensive attention since they might not have been able to fix it onsite during their visit; if this happens then ask about how quickly they could send someone else over with mobile repairs before making any commitments-they’ll most likely provide great customer service either way as well! The service offered by a mobile windshield replacement company is not an extravagance, but rather a necessity. Taking care of your car’s glass in the event that it gets damaged will ensure you are safe on the road and avoid any accidents.

This service should not cost you extra, and it much safer to rely on than driving with a risky broken window or risking injuries from flying shards if something were to happen while behind the wheel. One way this can be done so easily? By calling up one of our reputable providers for help!

You can easily fix your windshield with this helpful checklist without the headache of dealing with complicated paperwork. If you have a rock that has damaged it, take deep breaths and know there is no need to worry about any hassle or extra cost!

5 Reasons why auto glass repair is a better option

If you notice a small crack or chip in your windshield, it’s important to get the damage repaired. Driving with that kind of minor defect won’t do anything good for yourself and others on the road around you!

It’s no secret that auto glass repair is more affordable than replacement. But, what are the other advantages of repairing your windshield or back window instead of replacing it?

Auto glass repair is better than replacement for many reasons. Below are 5 of the top reasons why auto glass repair is a better option:

Save You Money

When you are thinking about how to repair your broken glass, it is important to think about the cost of replacing it. A study by Consumer Reports found that repairing a window with a small hole will save people an average of $170 over replacement. This can be due to many factors including the price of materials and labor, or just because there is no need for new windows in some cases.

A Much Faster Process

Auto glass repair of a tiny chip or crack is going to take much less time than having the entire windshield or window replaced. That makes your car much more readily available for you to use, so it won’t be such an inconvenience when something does happen on the road.

 Preserves the Reliability of Your Windshield or Window for Longer

If you have small cracks in your windshield, do not delay to get them fixed. Auto glass repair professionals use a resin that is injected into the crack or chip and then heated up with high heat so it can harden the resin which expands slightly and fills any gaps. If these problems are taken care of before they become larger issues, like huge chips across windows for example; this will allow motorists better visibility on their travels without worry.

An Environmentally-Friendly Thing to Do

Cracking your windshield or car window and not having it repaired the soonest possible time is a bad idea. This will lead to you removing the entire non-recyclable glass so that you can continue driving, which means you’ll be adding more weight onto our dumpsites in landfills with all of these discarded pieces.

 Keeps You and Your Passengers Safe

Some drivers just attempt to see through or over a crack or chip. Doing this is very dangerous, because it’s entirely possible for a driver to mistake that crack or chip on the road with an approaching vehicle and swerve in order to avoid them which may end up leading into another accident.

Fast, high-quality auto glass repairs service from locally owned and operated shops you can trust. During the past 19 years, Premiere Auto Glass In Mesa Arizona has grown from a small family-owned auto glass business serving the greater Phoenix area, to one of the largest independent auto glass shops in Arizona.

Get our up-to-$375 Cash Back Deal with glass coverage in your Phoenix insurance policy and approval for a full windshield replacement.

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Auto Glass


The windshield of your car is one of the most important parts of your car from the safety point of view. In case of a car accident, this strong piece of glass will keep the structure of the vehicle in place to protect you and the passengers sitting behind you. Therefore, you need to take care of your windshield. In this article, we are going to share with you are few tips that will help you maintain your auto glass. Read on to find out more.

1. Use the Right Scrappers

In the snow fall season, people use scraping tool for removing snow from the windshield. This tool is not designed for this purpose. Using the wrong tool may damage the auto glass. Therefore, it is important that you buy the right tool for this job. These scrappers are designed specifically for cleaning the auto glass. The tool you are using should not be too sharp or it will make mark on the glass.

2. Don’t Pour Hot Water on the Glass

In winter, it is a mistake to pour hot water on the windshield. Some people use hot water in order to melt down ice and frost. In the morning, the windshield is too cold to tolerate extreme temperature changes. If you pour hot water on the glass, the glass may develop cracks, especially if the screen already has a tiny chip or crack in it.

3. Replace the Wipers in Time

Many factors contribute to the erosion of the wiper blades of the windshield, such as oxidation, sunlight and exhaust. With the passage of time, the wipers should be replaced or they can cause scratches on the screen.

Also, you need to make sure that the windshield is always free of dust and debris. It is better that you wash the glass a minimum of once per week. Timely replacement of wiper blades is of paramount importance.

4. Fix the Cracks and Chips

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the tiny cracks in your car windshield. As soon as you spot a crack or chip, make arrangements to get it fixed. If you don’t get it fixed in a timely fashion, you will have to replace the windshield. This may cost a lot of money. Plus, your life will be at risk due to poor visibility while driving.

You may want to follow the tips given in this article if you want to maintain the windshield of your car.

If your car windshield is broken or cracked, we suggest that you take your car out for an auto glass repair or windshield replacement job. At Premiere Auto Glass Repair, you can enjoy high quality and dependable services.

Do You Know This About Truck Windshield Repair?

Two reasons for truck cabin rear sliding window

  1. Rain and snow can blow into the cabin.

2. A wild animal can move slowly via the broken window into the cabin.

If there is any damage caused by chips you should inform it immediately or the crack will continue to spread & it becomes very important to replace the windshield at the earliest .it can be hazardous for the driver as well.

While driving a commercial truck, we understand that getting your semi truck or heavy truck back on the road needs to happen very quickly . If you are driving Hino ,Volvo or another truck we can help you ,

Here at Premier Auto Glass we can get you back on the road quickly and safely .

Our service trucks are like mobile shops available 24×7 around . We are fully equipped with equipments used for repair and replacement , and can handle any damage to your truck .

We provide OEM & OEE Parts , Our professional installers are always available and provide you the quick repair work.

We repair and replace all truck Windshield efficiently and at an affordable price. Quality and durability are our top priorities Call Premiere Auto Glass today to get a free quote.

Our techs are ready to answer your questions.

You can schedule a time that is convenient for you, and with Free mobile service, you can have the work done at your home or office as well.


  1. How much does it cost to replace a truck windshield?
    Ans: Typically, the cost of a windshield replacement is between $100-$400,

2. Are trucks responsible for broken windshields?

Ans:- You’ve seen them on trucks as they drive around town, a sign saying “Stay Back, Not responsible for broken windshields.” … Does the sign relieve the truck driver, or company, from any responsibility if your windshield breaks from something that falls from their truck? The simple answer is, false.

3.Do windshield repair kits really work?

Ans:If the crack or chip is smaller than the size of a quarter, a windshield repair kit can do the job just fine. A good-quality DIY kit will prevent a rock chip or crack from expanding but will not remove the damage, and correcting a cracked window is not very costly

4.How big of a crack in the windshield can be fixed?
Ans: about three inches
Size and Depth

Pretty much any shop should be able to repair chips of about one inch diameter and cracks about three inches long. Traditionally, any crack larger than a dollar bill could not be repaired, so size was a very important factor in making the determination.

Repairing Vs. Replacing Car Glass windshield

If you are trying to determine whether it’s better to repair car glass or have the windshield replaced entirely, there are a few different factors to consider. The impact that the damage has on visibility and the ability to safely drive the car are the most important criteria. Then, the size, depth, and location of a chip or crack are also weighed when determining the best solution is for damaged car glass.

Can Be Repaired if

  • Solving the harm will now not lessen the protection of the automobile in case of impact or collision.
  • The crack is shorter than 12 inches or the chip or bullseye is smaller than 1 inch.
  • Only the outer layer of the glass is damaged.
  • The crack or chip is not close to the outer margin of the glass.

Must get replaced if

  • The windshield is broken to the factor that it impairs the driver’s visibility.
  • The crack is longer than 14 inches or the chip or bullseye is greater than three inches.
  • The inner layer of glass has also been broken.
  • The harm is close to or reaches a corner or fringe of the windshield.

Advantages of Repairing automobile Glass:

Solving a crack promptly will assist prevent it from spreading. Automobile glass technicians can restore most minor cracks and chips in about 30 minutes and the value is exceptionally low. A well-repaired windshield should completely restore each sturdiness and visibility. It’s also important to word that automobile coverage companies normally want repair coverage.

Advantage of replacing car Glass :

The substitute will in all likelihood take longer – about three hours if that type of windshield is in stock – and be the extra high-priced choice. While done nicely, but, windshield alternative is the sure way to restore the integrity of the auto in case of big damage or cracks attaining the frame and, consequently, can be the most secure option. Installing new glass ensures the best stage of visibility, wherein chipped or significantly pitted glass may still appear less clear even after being repaired.

Looking for a Reliable Repair Service Near You? Premiere auto glass will decide in case your windshield may be repaired accurately or if it ought to be replaced. Our skilled technicians can help you decide what is the best solution for fixing your damaged windshield and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

To know more about how we can help you with all your auto-glass-related woes, get in touch with us today!

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Major Signs Your car Glass have to Be Repaired After An automobile twist of fate.

When you’re out driving, your windshield does as much for your visual navigation as your engine does for getting you around. It needs to be sturdy, trustworthy, and free of defects, but many car and truck owners tend to ignore big red flags that their windshield has been compromised. An auto twist of fate can harm your windshield or the seal that holds the windshield firmly in place. Even minor injuries can reason full-size harm to the windshield. This is why it’s vital to understand the symptoms that your auto glass was damaged within the coincidence and desires repair or alternative.

Here are a few signs your auto glass needs to be inspected by an auto glass professional:

1.The Size Of The Crack Or Damage Is Big

Cracks are probably the most dangerous thing that can happen to your vehicle’s windshield. Both an unsafe and foolish thing too, driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield can increase your risk of being involved in a car accident. If the size of the crack is wide, you will need to go for a glass windshield replacement.

2.The auto Glass is Cracked or Shattered :

One of the easiest ways to inform if your vehicle glass becomes broken in the course of a vehicle coincidence is that if the glass is cracked or shattered. The effect of the coincidence may additionally have left your auto glass with cracks or can also have shattered it completely. In case you see any apparent signs and symptoms of cracks or chips in your windshield following a coincidence, the windshield desires to be repaired or replaced.

3.The winter Wasn’t type in Your Windshield :

Winter may be hard to endure for people, but it’s pretty hard for your automobile, too. From hail to salt to the temperature pressures of heavy snow, cold weather can spell catastrophe to your windshield. In case you be aware of pits, chips, or cracks on your windshield, don’t hesitate to call Premiere Auto Glass to get it repaired ASAP. As soon as the integrity of your glass is compromised, continued temperature fluctuations – each warm and bloodless – can widen the fissures and breaks and in excessive cases can even smash your windshield. This appears as a white haze, caused by the polyvinyl butyral pulling away from the damaged auto glass.

4.Car Inspection Is coming up greater frequently :

If you are dwelling in a certain location, you have to be familiar with the times for automobile inspection in that location. This is crucial. To be able to avoid an awful lot of trouble from the officials, you need to make certain your vehicle is in top condition. Your windscreen might want a glass windshield replacement at this stage. Make certain you get it as quickly as you may. In preference to setting your qualification for inspection renewals into God’s palms, you ought to make a smarter circulate. You may no longer simplest qualify that way, however, you will also now not be fined or must wait longer.

5.You hear rattling or Wind when driving

Do you listen to a rattling noise or the sound of wind in your vehicle as you are driving? Your vehicle glass is held in an area with a seal. You cannot see the seal, so you cannot see if it became damaged during a twist of fate. If it was broken, your windshield may rattle as you pressure, or wind may come in via the breaks in the seal.

In case your windshield is showing any of these signs and symptoms after a vehicle coincidence, you must bring it to a vehicle glass specialist, such as Premiere Auto Glass. At Premiere Auto Glass, we offer auto glass repair and auto glass replacement. Let us evaluate your auto glass following an accident and determine the best course of action for making repairs or replacement. Contact us today for a free estimate.