Does Windshield Repair Work?

Does Windshield Repair Work?

Car window repair works and can save you money over a complete installation!

There are many skeptics that believe windshield repair service is nothing more than a bunch of smoke and mirror tricks which allows a windshield repair company to make money from your insurance company.  Some windshield repair person places a strange looking tool on your windshield and pretends to fix a chip or multiple chips and then charges you or your insurance company $50 for a fast 2 minutes of work.  This would cause skepticism in any person’s mind.  Truth is, there are many reputable windshield repair companies that can and will save you money.

Do you have a broken or cracked front window?

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There are also windshield repair companies and technicians that will try to convince you that there is a chip in your front windshield and it needs to be repaired when the chip is nothing more than a surface pit.  In the windshield repair industry these types of companies are called “pit chasers” and give reputable windshield repair companies a bad name.  Pit chasers search for any surface pit on your windshield and charge you to repair it even though it will never crack any further without a repair.  Remember, if you can’t see a black air pocket in the damaged area then more than likely it doesn’t need to be repaired. This site does not allow pit chasers to be a part of our network.

Another type of practice that is similar to “pit chasers” would be “glass claim harvesters.”  Professional glass claim harvesters are generally found in areas where there are no duductibles for complete windshield replacements.  Harvesters will approach vehicle owners, inspect their front windshields and offer to fix or replace them for free whether or not the glass is damaged.  A glass claim harvester will convince you that your windshield is sandblasted and needs to be replaced or if they find a chip, they will start the windshield repair process and apply too much pressure which causes the chip to crack across the front windshield.  Now the customer is taken from a windshield repair invoice to a complete Windshield Replacement invoice ultimately increasing the profits of the shop filing the claim and performing the work.

If you are skeptical about the windshield repair business but have a chip in your front windshield, then contact your local auto glass repair shop and ask for referrals. Call and talk to friends or speak to previous customers and ask them about their experience with the repair process.  Stop by and watch a glass repair being performed on a vehicle so you can see the difference with your own eyes.  As a last resort, I would also recommend that your insurance agent take a look at the windshield and help decide whether you need a repair or not.

State Farm discusses on their site the many benefits of windshield repair and the types of damage that can be repaired.

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