We offer valleywide mobile windshield replacement services. 


There are many new features in today’s windshields. Below is a glossary of terms that can be useful in understanding some of these features.

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Our courteous and knowledgeable auto glass technicians and customer service staff are dedicated to providing you with fast, friendly service – at your convenience.

Premiere Auto Glass partners with quality auto glass shops in your area. All you need to do is input your information on our home page and you will automatically be given a list of glass shops who service your area. In addition, these glass shops will identify their best price, and you will be able to select the shops of your choice to schedule an appointment. It’s that easy.

The prices on Premiere Auto Glass are accurate; however they do not include any applicable taxes, additional moldings or parts that may be required. Once you submit your information, the auto glass shops you chose will identify any additional parts, if required, and will provide you with a finalized price.

Yes. Many do offer windshield repair, and you will be able to see those shops on our site when you select windshield repair as your required service. Many glass shopss suggest that your windshield be replaced if the damage is in the driver’s direct line of sight, larger than a quarter, or if a crack is larger than 6 inches (about the length of a dollar bill). You can discuss this directly with the shops you choose when they call to set the appointment.

Yes. Our auto glass shopss replace windshields, door glass, side glass, and back glass. Some specialty auto glass shopss even install sunroofs, side mirrors, and convertible back glass, though these services are not commonly offered. You will be able to see all the common auto glass replacement choices on the Premiere Auto Glass site. Only those shopss, offering the service you need, will be displayed.

Mobile auto glass replacement is one of those trades where a technician often encounters unexpected situations. As mobile installers complete each job, they sometimes discover unexpected issues that may delay the installation. Sometimes certain vehicles are constructed in such a way where the installation takes more time than originally expected. Another variable is that there may be damage to the vehicle’s frame that supports the windshield, and extra preparation is required. In addition, the mobile installer may run into traffic, which slows them down. That is why almost every auto glass company gives you a four-hour window of time when they’ll show up. If you need something more defined, you can discuss it directly with the shops when they call.

A little rain or snow shouldn’t create any problems in completing your job, so long as there’s a carport, garage or other suitable shelter on site, or if the mobile trucks carry tents. If the weather elements are too severe, your chosen glass shops will contact you and reschedule your appointment for another time, or offer the opportunity to bring your vehicle in.

A good auto glass installer spends the necessary time to provide a safe and proper installation. Sometimes they need to take a little extra time. However, the average windshield replacement should take approximately one hour, with an additional hour or so, for the adhesive to set. Door glass replacements typically take between 30 minutes and one hour, and you can drive your car immediately afterward. Back windows and non-door side glass installations (except for vehicles that have bolt on parts) have to dry just like a windshield, but the dry time required to drive the vehicle is typically shorter.

Shops working with Premiere Auto Glass typically work with every auto insurance company in the country. If you have any questions, please discuss directly with the shops when they contact you to set your appointment.

Most of the time it is, if you have comprehensive coverage.

Yes, if you have comprehensive coverage. Windshield replacement is covered by insurance, subject to your comprehensive deductible. You should be able to look at your insurance policy, or the card you carry in your wallet or glove box, to identify your deductible. This is a great opportunity to compare your out of pocket deductible costs against the cash prices provided by Premiere Auto Glass.

No. All the Premiere Auto Glass shops make your insurance claim process as hassle free as possible. The shops will assist you in contacting your insurance company and setting up the claim. Upon completion, the shops will submit all required paperwork to your insurance company directly for payment. All you need to do is pay the amount of your deductible; and most vendors will accept credit cards for this payment.

Our vendors on Premiere Auto Glass can typically come to your location in 1-2 days, depending on your availability; many times they can come same day! It’s that easy!

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