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Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are electronic systems in vehicles that use advanced technologies to assist the driver. ADAS windscreen calibration, Auto glass Windshield calibration, Windshield camera calibration

Detailed ADAS calibration explanation

What is ADAS WindScreen Calibration?

Some advanced vehicles with ‘lane departure’ or ‘lane-keep assist will have a camera on their front and rear windshields. This camera needs to be calibrated to realign the accuracy of the windscreen with the lanes on the road. This re-alignment is called ADAS Windscreen Calibration.

Why do you need windshield calibration?

An uncalibrated windshield may result in fatal injuries at the worst. When a sensor on the windscreen is not calibrated correctly, it can be even more dangerous. A failure to calibrate a sensor when necessary can result in erroneous information that will cause ADAS to operate improperly, resulting in a possible crash. This is why windshield camera calibration is much important for the safety of your life as well as for others life.

Results of Erroneous Auto Glass calibration

 An uncalibrated windshield might show the following error messages.

  • A warning light 
  • Error message on the instrument panel
  • A diagnostic trouble code
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Vehicle steering pull
  • Increased effort while steering

Obstacles like these can prompt a driver to lose trust in a car’s capacity to provide safe transportation.

Get up to $450 cashback ON DAMAGEd vehicle windshield REPLACEMENT

ADAS windscreen replacement

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