We offer valleywide mobile windshield replacement services. 

Phoenix Windshield Replacement And Phoenix Auto Glass Repair Services Valley Wide

Phoenix Windshield Replacement And Phoenix Auto Glass Repair Services Valley Wide

Our top-tier Phoenix windshield replacement and Phoenix auto glass replacement services safeguard you against unexpected damage on bustling highways. Experience the awe of Phoenix and let Premiere Auto Glass be your partner in maintaining the crystal-clear view of this mesmerizing desert metropolis. We are your #1 choice in Phoenix auto glass repair services.

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Phoenix windshield replacement services offer up to $450 cash back offer.

💥Up To $450 Cash Back Offer💥


We offer same-day auto glass replacement in Phoenix

If you are struck by an accident or get your windshield cracked for unexpected reasons, contact the Phoenix windshield replacement experts.

Best valley-wide windshield replacement, best price, best auto glass replacement in Phoenix. Get a cashback of up to $450 on your next mobile Phoenix windshield replacement service. Pick Premiere Auto Glass for all your Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement needs in the valley. We have a team that can reach your home, office, hotel, or any location you want us to come. 

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Ranked #1 valley-wide Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement & Repair Services by the local public.

Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement And Installation

We remove any plastic moldings from around the windshield. After that, we analyze the best angle to separate the windscreen from the pinch-weld. The Urethane is cut, and the windshield is removed from the car. 


Our Phoenix auto glass replacement specialist then cuts and cleans any visible dirt. The extra Urethane is trimmed off with a razor, removing rust. After washing, a prime is added to the entire parameter of the bare metal. Then, the Urethane is applied with an electric caulking gun, and a new windshield is fitted over it. 

Risks of driving with a cracked windshield.

Windshield Replacement Phoenix - We are your Auto Glass Experts In PHoenix!

A reliable, same-day, high-quality Phoenix windshield replacement service is critical for a satisfactory and long-lasting windshield job. Premiere Auto Glass has been the best windshield replacement in Phoenix, AZ, for over two decades. Our customer reviews tell the rest of the story. Get your windshield replacement with a cashback of up to $450. 

If you have a broken or chipped windshield in Phoenix, call our service during regular business hours, and we will try our best to accommodate you on the same day. Don’t forget to take advantage of our cashback offer. 

A reliable same day high quality windshield replacement service is critical for a satisfactory and long-lasting windshield job. Premiere Auto Glass is the best windshield replacement service in Phoenix, Arizona for more than 2 decades. If you have a broken or chipped windshield, simply call our Phoenix auto glass replacement service at (480) 570-9293 during regular business hours, and Premiere Auto Glass will try its best to accommodate you on the same day.

Same Day Windshield Replacement?

Yes, we can do it on the same day. You need to book your appointment on time, and we got your back. We keep it fairly simple for you to understand the windshield fixation process. You can start by sharing your vehicle’s location and car details, and you will receive an instant auto glass replacement quote with the option to have the work performed at a location of your choice.

Phoenix Mobile windshield replacement For You!

Whether you choose to drop off your automobile at one of our shop locations or have our mobile windshield replacement service come to you, your auto glass replacements are assured for so long as you own your vehicle.

how to take care of the newly installed Auto Glass in Phoenix?

After installation, it’s essential to allow the adhesive to cure properly by refraining from driving for at least 1-2 hours. Keep your windshield dry during the first 24 hours, avoiding heavy rain or car washes. Treat your car gently, as excessive force can weaken the bond between the glass and the frame.

Use a mild, non-ammonia-based cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth, steering clear of harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Regular inspections can help you catch issues early, and if any problems arise, seek professional assistance promptly to maintain the integrity of your windshield.

Laminated vs. Tempered Auto Glass

Premiere Auto Glass - trusted since 1999 for Best Phoenix Auto Glass Service

At Premiere Auto Glass, trust us for your auto glass service in Phoenix. Our windshield replacement estimates come with the convenience of scheduling the replacement on-site or at a location of your choice, thanks to our mobile glass services. With experienced technicians, top-quality materials, and a dedication to safety, we ensure your windshield is installed flawlessly. Competitive pricing and a focus on customer satisfaction are at the heart of our services. You can count on us to deliver a high-quality, convenient, and affordable solution for all your auto glass needs. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Phoenix Windshield Replacement With A Cashback

Don’t wait before it’s too late! Schedule a windshield replacement appointment with a cashback of up to $450. Come to our shop or use the flexibility of mobile replacement to get back on the road. 

Other Auto Glass Replacement Services We Offer IN Phoenix.

  • Phoenix Rear Glass Replacement 
  • Phoenix Side Window Replacement
  • Phoenix Sunroof Glass Replacement
  • Phoenix ADAS Calibration
  • Phoenix Rock Chip Repair

We are a 100% mobile service Phoenix auto glass company. We service all areas in Phoenix and surrounding areas valley wide.

The Risks Involved in Driving a Cracked Windshield in Phoenix

Is it safe to drive with a cracked windshield in Phoenix?

The simple answer is no. Of course, the level of danger still depends on how massive the damage is. Not all windshield cracks will already put you at serious hazard right then and there.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the damage.

Avoid all risks and call us right now to get your windshield replaced. 

Serving Phoenix & Surrounding Areas!

Best Phoenix Windshield Replacement Company in Arizona State

We work alongside you for guaranteed results

Premiere Auto Glass remains the go-to choice for drivers in need of windshield replacements or auto glass replacements in Phoenix. Our commitment to convenience sets us apart, with a full Windscreen Replacement service available through our mobile auto glass team. This means you can have your auto glass repairs performed at your preferred location, whether it’s your home, workplace, or any other convenient spot, all at no extra charge.

This service not only saves you time but also puts money back in your pocket. So, don’t wait – reach out to us today to schedule your windshield replacement and experience the seamless, cost-effective service that Premiere Auto Glass is renowned for. Your safety is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your journey continues without a hitch.

Main reasons for windshield rock chips in summer.

What Our Customers Think About Our work!

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This has been the hands down the best car glass repair experience I have ever had in Mesa, AZ. Thanks to PREMIERE Auto Glass Shop.
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I was exasperated getting repairs done after my accident, but your staff was awe-inspiring. My new windows look great, and everybody was so sweet and understanding. What a relief to find a great shop! Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ.
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Premiere Auto Glass. After an accident, I was left with a massive crack in my windscreen. This shop did an exceptional job at replacing it, and at a reasonable cost. I’d seriously recommend this shop. Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ.
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Premiere Auto Glass. My child was on her way to work when a rock flew into one of her windows. She came to your shop for the mend and the staff was amazingly useful. They’d her back to work in virtually no time. Thanks! Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ.
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Premiere Auto Glass. It was definitely a pleasure conducting business with you. I was most impressed incidentally your staff treated me and the fast repairs. I wouldn’t have waited to get my windshield fixed if I’d known it’d be this painless! Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ.
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Premiere Auto Glass. When referring to auto glass repair you blokes are the best! When a person broke into my car, I needed a new windscreen swiftly. Your shop did a stupendous fix job, getting me back to work in almost no time. Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ.
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I’m satisfied customer of Premiere Auto Glass in Phoenix, AZ. They came over and took care of my car windshield replacement. Mobile service is a game changer. Its better to stay at home and have the work done in the peace of your over garage. I am satisfied. Thanks,Premiere Auto Glass.
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Premiere Auto Glass. Good old-fashioned values are hard to find nowadays, but these fellows actually have it. They were kind and didn’t make me feel just like I was being used. Rare and remarkable. Top Windshield Replacement Company in Phoenix, AZ.
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Premiere Auto Glass. With only responsibility insurance, we were quite nervous about the repair costs on our SUV. You were hands-down the cheapest shop around, and the standard of the work you did was wonderful. Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ.
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Premiere Auto Glass. I had no idea using your shop would be so astonishingly simple! I called, brought my auto in for windscreen replacement, and got my vehicle back all in 24 hours! I’ll let my friends know about you. Windshield Replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

Frequently Asked Questions For windshield replacement in phoenix AZ

After getting your windshield repaired for the damage, you can use your windshield wipers again. It will allow you to drive home in rainy weather. However, the experts recommend avoiding driving for an hour or two in such weather instantly after the repair. Otherwise, the windshield wipers moving back and forth over the surface of the windshield can cause damage to the repaired area.

Auto glass technicians may use specialized tape to help secure the windshield after repairing it. Let the tape stay in its place for at least 24 hours or more. After that, remove the tape from the surface very carefully.

It can take up to 24 hours or even more for the glass polyurethane to reach its full strength.
Some vehicle manufacturers have specific recommendations for stationary glass installations, like FCA/Stellantis states that it should be 24 hours.

Yes. Other than Cars, SUV, we also do Truck windshield Replacement in Phoenix, Arizona. Call us for a Phoenix Truck Windshield Replacement quote. 

Other Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services We offer in Phoenix


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Side Window Replacement


Sun Roof Replacement


ADAS Calibration Services


Windshield Rock chip repair

Installed a new windshield in Phoenix? What next?

After installing a new windshield in Phoenix, it’s essential to take proper care to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Wait for Cure Time: Your technician will likely advise you to wait before driving your vehicle to allow the adhesive to cure properly. This duration can vary, but typically it’s around 24 hours. Follow their specific instructions regarding when it’s safe to drive.

  2. Avoid Impact: Avoid slamming your car doors or driving over potholes and speed bumps excessively during the curing period and beyond. Any sudden impact can compromise the seal and integrity of the windshield.

  3. Keep it Dry: For the first 24 hours after installation, avoid washing your car or exposing the windshield to heavy rainfall. Moisture can interfere with the adhesive’s curing process.

  4. Don’t Remove the Retention Tape: Your technician might have placed retention tape to hold the windshield in place during curing. Please don’t remove it until instructed to do so.

  5. Be Gentle with Cleaning: You can clean your windshield as usual after the curing period. However, avoid using abrasive cleaners or rough materials that can scratch the glass. Stick to mild soap and water, a glass cleaner, and a soft cloth or sponge.

  6. Check for Leaks: After a few days, inspect the area around the windshield for any signs of leaks, such as water seepage or moisture accumulation inside the car. If you notice any issues, contact the installer immediately for inspection and repair.

  7. Address Chips and Cracks Promptly: Even with a new windshield, chips, and cracks can still occur due to road debris or other factors. Attend to them promptly by getting them repaired to prevent them from spreading and requiring a full replacement.

  8. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: While you can’t control the weather in Phoenix, park your car in shaded areas to minimize exposure to extreme heat, which can stress the glass and adhesive.

  9. Regular Maintenance: Keep up with regular vehicle maintenance, including checking windshield wipers for wear and tear and replacing them as needed. Clear away debris from the windshield and wipers regularly.

  10. Follow Manufacturer Recommendations: Finally, follow any specific recommendations regarding care and maintenance provided by the windshield manufacturer or installer.

Following these guidelines ensures that your newly installed windshield remains in optimal condition for years.

Still feeling worried or unsatisfied? Call us today at (480) 570-9293, and we will try to resolve all your windshield worries.