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How Will Self Driving Cars Impact Society?

Driverless cars will change our society in unforeseen ways. They will improve the quality of our lives by reducing accidents, environmental pollution, and congestion on roads. These cars will also make mobility easy for those with some disability. They will also reduce the cost of transportation for the citizens.

Below are the effects that driverless cars will have on our society:

Impact on the economy


It saves time for the commuters. People can use this saved time to improve their productivity. It will contribute billions of dollars to the economy. These driverless cars will also make the roads less congested. Individuals will reach their destination in less time, significantly reducing travel costs.

According to INRIX, an entity that measures traffic data, USA citizens lost 97 hours each year due to congestion on roads. It causes the economy a loss of billions of dollars.


But it’s not all sunshine. There are some drawbacks to the economy. Like, this change may increase the unemployment rate. The human resource in the automotive industry may become redundant. These low-skilled workers may become a burden on the economy.

Impact on the automotive industry


It will have massive consequences for the automotive industry. The manufacturers may see a considerable dip in the sales of cars. People may no longer feel the need to own vehicles privately. They will order the ride through some mobile phone app. A driverless car will pick them up and drop them at their destination without hassle.

It will have severe implications for traditional car companies. Companies like Tesla may become the new industry leaders.

Fewer accidents with driverless cars


The number of deaths resulting from road accidents is more than that resulting from fatal diseases like Aids. The economy of a country also has to pay the price. Every year road accidents cost the economy billions of dollars. Governments and United Nations are taking initiatives to reduce these accidents. 

According to Fatality Facts, in 2019 alone, the fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States caused 36000 deaths.


Drunk drivers are the cause of 30 percent of road deaths. Human error is one of the primary reasons for road accidents. Driverless vehicles will remove the human element and significantly reduce road accidents. It will make the roads much safer.

Impact of Driverless Cars on the environment


A clean environment ensures a better quality of life for the citizens. The transport sector is responsible for more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the USA. Automatic vehicles may help reduce these emissions.

Automatic vehicles will help slow down global warming. Driverless cars use less energy due to a more efficient system, reducing the carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. Our economy is paying a massive price for these climate changes.

The world economy will pay in trillions of dollars if it does not take steps to mitigate these climatic changes.

You need to charge these vehicles using electricity. The source of this electricity should be renewable energy. Otherwise, these automatic vehicles have no sustainable future.

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