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OEM and OEE Windshields; What is the Difference?

A cracked or a broken windshield replacement comes with the option of two; whether one wants OEE or OEM windshield. Making the best choice for replacing your windshield is very necessary for long-term results. Let’s talk about the structural and functional details of both types of windshields.

OEM and OEE Windshields

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM windshields are made by the same manufacturer who designs auto glass for the cars ad is somewhat identical to the auto glass on your assembly line. Therefore, when you replace your windshield with an Original Equipment Manufacturer windshield, it will match the shape, thickness, color, fit, and durability of your car, as suggested by its name. Varying from model to model, the prices of OEM windshields can be as much as 60 percent higher. The production process, as well as the use of equipment, is the same as the original windshield, therefore it provides you with the same standard. As far as insurance is concerned, OEM windshield replacement is not always covered by insurance as per auto insurance policies.

Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE)

Original Equipment Equivalent windshields are also similar to Original Equipment Manufacturer windshields, only they lack the logo of the automaker or car manufacturer. They are manufactured in the same assembly line as that of OEM. However, they are particularly made for the auto replacement market. The difference with OEM windshields of OOEE is that they do not carry premium price tags and come as affordable windshield replacement options for the customers. Some OEE windshields are made by independent glass companies. Such aftermarket windshield manufacturers have no relationships with carmakers. Therefore, they can only create copies of the windshields. Copyright laws prohibit them from creating a replica of the original auto glass.

Comparison between both types of Windshields

Let’s dig into the difference between OEE and OEM windshields by analyzing various aspects one by one. In terms of quality, OEE windshields are more reliable as they are manufactured by the same automaker. However, OEM windshields depend on the company which produces them. In terms of price, OEE windshields have higher rates as the car maker’s stamp approval is attached with it. In terms of availability, OEE windshields are produced by auto glass manufactures are produced in large amounts as compared to OEM windshields. It is because OEM windshields are particularly produced for replacement purposes in the auto glass market by various companies all across the world. To settle for insurance, OEE windshields are suited best they are covered through auto insurance policies. These are just the main points of difference, which windshield you want to install in your car as a replacement is a choice depending on your budget as well as personal preference. One thing which you should keep in mind is that you should never compromise on the quality of the product, whichever you are buying.

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