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The Best Winter Car Accessories

What are the best winter car accessories out of the many available ones?

We asked our technicians which add-ons they chose and which they would suggest to other vehicle owners. For ideas on what would make a fantastic winter present for your automobile, consider the following:

Best winter car accessories


1) An ice scraper

The top of the list for mechanics. When you scrape the ice off your automobile, please remove it from the areas where the windscreen wipers can access it. Otherwise, the wipers’ rubber will deteriorate too soon.

2. Ice-melting fluid

You may purchase a spray that makes it simpler to scrape the ice off and can reduce the time it takes to defrost your windscreen.

3. A silicone stick for the rubber strips of the automobile

Anyone who has ever had a door freeze to the rubber strip and been unable to open it understands the necessity to prevent that from happening. A simple silicone stick, put over the rubber strip of the automobile, may save you from being frozen.

4. Windshield shield

If snow and ice are common in your area, covering the windscreen with a cover (or blanket) will save you from needing to use the ice scraper. Even though it is not technically essential, it is still an excellent feature if you still need a garage or underground parking.

5. A shovel

An automobile may become stuck with little effort if you need to drive in the snow. Frequently, a wheel will have firm ground with only 3–4 shovels. Thousands of individuals contact for assistance annually.

6. Winter tires

Since all technicians opt to convert to winter tires, it isn’t an accessory. However, given that 20–30% of drivers use summer tires in the winter, it is important to note that tires are an essential investment in enhancing road safety. The option is to use summer tires, which, to be honest, we find terrifying, given how poorly they handle an ice or snowy road.

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7. Extra-bright light bulbs

The majority of the factory-installed lights in cars are halogen ones. They cost less and last longer, but they don’t create as much light as Xenon or LED.
There are bulbs available that provide more than twice as much light. In addition to shining their light 30% farther than regular lights, the most excellent bulbs make impediments visible even sooner. Traffic safety is significantly improved as a result. The sole drawback is that these lights have a shorter lifespan than the more affordable halogen bulbs.

8. A suitcase for a tow bar

With a storage box mounted directly to the tow bar, you can increase the amount of room in your boot. Despite weight constraints, this may add 400 litres to your storage capacity. All of a sudden, you have space for all of the additional ski gear. Unlike a roof box, placing the baggage box on the tow bar does not negatively affect the car’s aerodynamics. As a result, you may get about the same mileage.

9. Fresh battery

As mechanics know, most automobiles that must be hauled into the garage have battery problems. Like you, mechanics find it inconvenient to wake up to a cold and dead battery. So, before the chilly winter sets in, they change to a fresh or almost new battery.

10. Spray lock lubricant

You can find yourself stranded if your automobile can only be started with a key. Sadly, it occurs every day for car owners to discover that their lock has frozen and they cannot access their vehicle. This scenario may be easily prevented if you remember lubricating it with a tiny lock lubrication spray.

What car accessories are to be avoided?

Most automotive attachments are safe; however, at Autobutler, car owners should be more conscious of those that might be dangerous to road safety. For instance:

Fragranced air fresheners

A vehicle freshener may make it difficult to see and often includes a lot of chemicals that, at their worst, can trigger allergies. If your vehicle smells pleasant, you may clean it or purchase a hypoallergenic air freshener fragrance.

Dice or plush toys displayed on a vehicle mirror

A set of big plush dice may seem adorable, but they typically block part of your view since they are so low to the ground.

Homemade ice melt

Due to automobile owners utilizing homemade de-icing fluids, too many vehicles enter the garage with damaged paint or glass. Alcohol is often to blame for the damage, but salt concoctions that adhere to the paintwork may also be to blame. Instead, get a ready-made combination designed for sensitive autos, or use a conventional ice scraper.

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