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What Are The Mandatory Car Safety Tips For Safe Driving In Summer?

The cars need extra care and maintenance during hot summer days. Some mandatory car safety measures ensure smooth driving during harsh summer weather. Otherwise, the engine gets heated up, bringing your journey to an instant halt.

The majority of drivers exercise caution while driving in winter. During summer, they behave more casually. However, the majority of accidents take place during this period.

Below are the car safety tips for safe driving in summer:

Tires’ safety 

You need to be extremely careful about tires in hot weather. People generally overlook the condition of tires. However, it can prove extremely dangerous if they don’t have optimal pressure or have worn down.

The temperature change induces changes in tire pressure. If a tire has lesser than optimal pressure, excessive heat can make it explode. In case of overinflation, your car will likely skid on a wet road.

The tires of your cars must also have sufficient tread. A low tire tread can cause a blowout and lead to a terrible accident.

You also need to have a spare tire. It proves helpful if your car needs an emergency replacement. You must ensure that this tire is in perfect condition. It has ample tread and optimal pressure. Otherwise, it will not serve the purpose.

Oil change and filter replacement

Oil plays a vital role in the smooth running of your car. It assists in the smooth movement of engine parts by lubricating them. Oil also keeps the engine cool in the excessive summer heat.

Experts recommend that engine oil needs replacement after 7500 miles. But it also depends on the condition of your vehicle. As it gets older, the engine oil needs more frequent changes.

The oil filter also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of a car’s engine. It removes contaminants from the oil and keeps the engine clean. The waste particles remain untreated without an oil filter and damage the engine.

The oil filter needs replacement after a mileage of 5000 miles.

Belts and hoses for safe driving

Belts and hoses are vital components of your engine. They are responsible for distributing power from the engine to all other parts. They also ensure the smooth running of the engine. If these belts splinter, your car comes to an instant halt. It can leave you stranded in a deserted place.

Hoses maintain the supply of fluid to different parts of the vehicle. It puts immense pressure on them that could lead to rupturing or leakage. Make sure that the hoses are firmly in place.

Hoses and belts are responsible for cooling the system of your vehicle. They need to be in a perfect state in hot weather conditions. Otherwise, the radiator will heat up, which can disrupt your journey.

Air filter for car’s safety

The air filter is another essential component of your car. It is indispensable in improving your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. You cannot get a smooth driving experience without ensuring this car safety measure.

A car needs oxygen to initiate the combustion process. The air filter ensures that the air reaches the engine without contamination by dust particles. It helps the vehicle generate maximum power.

The air filter improves fuel efficiency by maintaining the necessary airflow. In the absence of the desired airflow, the engine puts in more effort, which causes fuel to burn at a faster rate.

An air filter also stretches the life of an engine. It blocks out the particles in the atmosphere and keeps the engine clean. If these particles creep into the engine, they can prove highly damaging.

You need to replace the air filter after a mileage of 12000 miles. It is pretty inexpensive to replace an air filter.

Coolant and radiator

These are the essential car safety measures to ensure a smooth ride in summer.

Engine coolant protects the engine from overheating. The engine of the vehicle burns fuel to produce energy. Some of this energy converts into heat and remains trapped inside the engine.

Coolant regulates the temperature of the engine. If the engine gets too hot, it fails to supply power to the vehicle. It can leave you helpless in an emergency. So, you need to be careful about the maintenance of coolant, especially on hot summer days.

You will also need to replace the coolant after a specific time. Its frequency depends on the design of the vehicle and its use. Some cars require the replacement of coolant after 50000 miles. Newer models demand a more frequent substitution.

Like coolant, the radiator is another essential component of the car’s central cooling system. It helps dissipate the excess heat from the system. This way, it contributes to maintaining a suitable temperature of the car’s engine.

The car’s engine suffers damage if the radiator is not in perfect condition. The components of the engine wear down due to rough movement. Excess heat causes the meltdown and leads to engine failure.

You need to ensure that radiator gets its due share of maintenance. It increases the radiator’s life and improves the engine’s performance.

Windshield replacement

Sun glare is a massive problem that drivers face on bright summer days. It hampers the driver’s performance and can lead to severe accidents. There can be several causes of sun glare. One of these is a broken windshield.

In case of just minor damage to the windshield, only the repair work will suffice. But if the impact is more drastic, it will require windshield replacement.

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