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What is the Future for Electric Cars?

The future for electric cars is very bright. These cars will take over the traditional industry. Although many people may think this statement is far-fetched, they will realize its reality in the coming years. The world is revolutionizing rapidly, and the future is already here. 

Many famous companies are planning to sell just electric vehicles in the future. Ford has made a statement that it will only sell electric cars from 2030. You may encounter electric cars more frequently from 2025 onwards. 


BNEF reported that more than 6.6 million electric cars were sold in 2021, which will jump to 10.5 million in 2022.


There are various reasons for this rapid change, but the environmental crisis is one of the most prominent causes. Governments around the world want to curb carbon emissions. Petrol and diesel are the major contributory factors to polluting the earth’s atmosphere. Other than this, the technological revolution is also a massive driving force behind these changes.


Effect of electric cars on the environment


Electricity acts as a fuel for electric cars. They get this electricity through lithium-ion batteries. When exhausted, you can recharge these batteries through an external electrical outlet. You can install a personal charging point at home for this purpose.

Typically you can cover up to 220 miles with a single charge. But as the technology evolves, this range will increase remarkably. 

These electric vehicles significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The world wants to shift toward greener cars; that’s why electric cars are the future.

Cost of electric cars


The initial cost of electric vehicles is comparatively high. But the subsequent maintenance cost is insignificant compared to traditional cars. In the case of a conventional car, you spend a significant sum of money on engine maintenance. But with electric vehicles, you incur no such costs as these do not involve any internal combustion engine.

The only considerable cost you incur in maintenance is at the time of replacing a battery pack. But the possibility is that the manufacturer’s battery warranty will help you cover it.

Governments all over the world try to incentivize the owners of electric cars. It encourages the general public to adopt this technology and ensures the future of electric cars.

Sustainability of electric cars


The world wants to limit carbon dioxide emissions and One-fifth of global carbon dioxide emission results from public transportation. Conventional vehicles will soon lose their footprint as means of public transport. The future of transport is electric vehicles. Although there are challenges to improving the battery technology to make them viable for larger vehicles

Electric vehicles produce zero emissions. These vehicles involve no combustion of any fuel, and therefore no emission occurs. But they need electricity to recharge their batteries. The source of this electricity determines the fate of these vehicles.

If government and companies produce this electricity using renewable energy sources, the future of electric cars will be sustainable.

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