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ADAS will automatically avoid collisions with other cars when they sense an obstruction ahead. It will warn if lane markings are crossed without signaling. Even reversing for up to one car length when necessary so there is no chance of collision. Sensors along roads also help detect any lights that signal upcoming traffic signs. As well as hazards such as pedestrians crossing intersections at night. Even blind spots which can be dangerous during rush hour traffic. The core functions of ADAS comprise lane leaving warning, adaptive tour control, independent emergency braking and adaptive headlights rearview cameras. It also includes forward collision warnings, driver tiredness detection, light control, automatic parking and automatic braking. Furthermore night vision, traffic sign recognition, lane change assistance, blind-spot monitoring, turning assistant, and more.




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive without any power steering?

Your vehicle has many safety features that make driving safer. One of these is the automatic driver assistance system or ADAS for short. This sophisticated technology helps your car’s sensors monitor and alert drivers about upcoming obstacles on a road. Or in their blind spot so they can take evasive action if necessary. However, sometimes new windshield installation could potentially shift how some of its cameras and sensors are aligned with each other. Thus resulting in misalignment issues when installed as well as being unable to calibrate properly. Premiere Auto Glass will come out (or send someone) who knows just how to fix such problems swiftly by recalibrating them correctly using.


Why wait to recalibrate your ADAS after a windshield replacement?

Trust the professionals at our dealership for seamless work and superior service. You may not even be aware of it. But if you replace your vehicle’s windshield with one that is different than what was originally on there. Then we recommend having someone calibrate the sensors in order to ensure they are functioning properly. Same according to their original factory specifications.
Premiere Auto Glass has trained technicians. Who can handle most vehicle’s recalibration needs right here at our lot so just give us a call.


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