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An Insight Into Different Types of Auto Glass

We got the right set of guidance for you that you surely need if you have any link in the world of automotive services and repair. If you ever get your car glass smashed down by an accident, how would you know which one have you broken? What to tell your Auto glass replacement guy? Technicians need information prior to the arrival of the repairing service. Therefore, you must know all six types of Auto glass.

How many types of Auto glass are there?

Technically, a normal vehicle has six types of Auto glass namely, the front windshield, front and rear door auto glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and back glass. All these types have their particular importance in terms of structure and function. We, at Premiere Auto Glass can repair your broken auto glass in minutes; let us reach out to you when you need.

Windshield auto glass if for supporting the windshield, of course, as the name suggests providing up to 30% of the support to the roof. It is sometimes tinted to enhance the visibility of the driver. Then come front and rear door auto glass whose surface is not tinted in many cases as it affects light reflectance. When we talk about vent and quarter glass, they can be a little different, because their sizes vary according to the model and type of the vehicle. Back glass or back window glass has it regular function as front and rear door glass.

What are the other types of Auto glass other than basics?

When we further categorize front and rear door auto glass, we must know that laminated and tempered glass exist. Laminated glass, as the name speaks, is laminated for heat safety. Back in 1920s, automobile industry used to sandwich two glass sheets and put PVB in between. Laminated glass is basically designed to save a car auto glass from shattering into pieces when suffered from a collision and therefore saving the passengers from glass injuries. Through this, you should get to know that laminated glass acts as a damage barrier. You would have seen many shop windows; they are made from laminated glass, interestingly.

Tempered glass is another major type of front and back door as well as rear windows auto glass to be made from. Tempered glass is made from heating the glass and then rapidly cooling it, creating it into a single ply. As compared to laminated glass, tempered glass’ manufacturing is quite a hard process which results in more strength. When tempered glass breaks, it can be divided into many small pieces but these are not damageable as they do not have sharp edges. However, one disadvantage that tempered glass holds unlike laminated glass is that it cannot be repaired once broken. It just has to be replaced.

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