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What to do while waiting for the Glass Repair Team?

Damaging your car is always a great deal of worry and a state of anxiousness for the owner to be in; after all, having a car is a luxury and is undoubtedly a valuable asset to possess. Every part of an automotive weighs heavily on your wallet, and this includes broken windshield repairment as well. Therefore, if you find yourself in an unfortunate scenario where your car windshield has become broken due to the impact of an object against it or perhaps due to a vehicular collision, there are specific things that you should not be oblivious about. With that said, here are a few helpful pointers so that you do not ever stress yourself with the mental question of, “what to do with your broken windshield while waiting for the glass repair team?”




Does the Windshield need to be Repaired or Replaced?

Why is this imperative to recognize while waiting for the glass repair team? To save yourself from exploitation by the hands of the repair team. You see, certain notorious car repair companies use unethical practices on their customers— they have a habit of taking advantage of a person’s insufficient car knowledge. As soon as the lack of automobile knowledge comes to their notice, the repair team tends to confuse you with fancy car terms and ultimately lead you toward spending more money than you initially should have.

For this sole yet crucial reason, you should be familiar with whether the inflicted damage on the Windshield requires a simple repair or an entire replacement? Here at Premiere Auto Glass, we use the term “Rock Chip Repair” for windshield cracks that are no more than 6 inches. If the damage on your Windshield falls under that range, then you will certainly not need to spend money on an entire replacement—only a minor repair. However, in case of a complete breach or a crack that measures more than 7-8 inches, aiming for a replacement will be the safest bet.


Refrain from further Drive and Park in a Secure Spot

Please do not be impetuous! Let the repair team come to you. Instead of driving to the facility with a windshield that no longer provides you with the same level of protection, not to mention the obstructed view of the road ahead. You only need to drive away from the heavy traffic, contact a repair team and wait.

This might come off as common sense, but when a person finds himself in the heat of the moment, we often take upon ourselves dangerous measures. Driving with a damaged windshield is, without a doubt, a health hazard, and we should abstain from it.

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Provide Shade to the Broken Windshield

This is where physics enters the room. Windshield cracks are susceptible to drastic temperature changes. Avoid having your car parked in extreme heat. The cracks can expand and eventually become prey to more significant damage. What at first seemed to be a minor repair now involves an entire replacement.

Physics is still in the room, and now, its buddy, irony, has joined in as well. We might be quick to assume that an air conditioner of the car means no harm; however, the sudden change from hot to chilly lands pretty much the same impact. Therefore, room temperature is recommended, and having your car under a shade is the wisest thing to do.


Premiere Auto Glass Services

By chance, if you are In Arizona, then Premiere Auto Glass is here to give you top-notch repair services. Why us? Because at Premiere Auto Glass, you will come to acknowledge our staffs’ sheer commitment to customer orientation. Our honest work ethic is backed up with years of experience here in Phoenix. You might enter with a burden on your shoulders but without question. But you will exit Premiere Auto Glass with peace of mind.

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