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How To Fix Rust On A Car?

The Reasons Behind Car Rusting

You may fail to prevent the rusting of a car, but you always have the chance to control the damage it causes. By dealing with the rust at its early stages, you can prolong the life of your precious vehicle. Otherwise, you will have to send it to an untimely grave. You need to understand why cars become rusty, and then you may know how to ward off this harm.

Rust results from the oxidation of iron-based metals. In this reaction, the molecules from the surface of iron react with oxygen in the atmosphere. It results in the formation of iron oxide, which is rust. Iron does not rust any time soon if it’s in its purest form. But as you know, manufacturers don’t build cars using iron alone.

These days car manufacturers use steel alloys which are vital for the excellent formation, flexibility and tensile strength of cars—the steel on reaction with the elements in the atmosphere results in rusting of vehicles. If these manufacturers use Aluminium and Magnesium components, it will significantly reduce the rusting process.

But these are costly metals, and excessive use of these will make the vehicles unaffordable for the masses. So, the only way to extend the life and utility of a car is to inspect it regularly and adopt preventive measures to stamp out the rusting.

Types of rusts and their solution

You won’t lose your car due to rust in a single go. The rusting process occurs in various stages, and each step demands a different solution. Below are the primary phases of rusting of a car, along with the ways to fix them: 

Surface Rust

The surface of your car is the beginning point of rust formation. It generally results from the breakdown of paint on your vehicle. It may not prove a significant problem if the metal is thick enough. But still, to be on the safer side, you need to fix it as soon as you discover it. To prevent the penetration of damage, get paint repair.

Scale Rust

If you fail to deal with the surface rust, it will penetrate the metal and cause massive damage to your vehicle. As the rust creeps into the metal, it wears off the metal’s outer layer and exposes its base, which results in corrosion. 

The damage resulting from such a rusting appears in the form of scales. To repair this damage, you need to reach the bare metal by getting through the rust and thoroughly remove the rust from there before sealing it back up.

Penetrating Rust

If you don’t check the advancing rust on your car, it will ultimately break the metal and cause permanent damage to your vehicle. If the scale rust doesn’t get a timely repair, it will make holes in the affected part. In such a case, there are two solutions for you. The first is to get the damaged part or panel wholly replaced. The second option is to remove the rotten parts and firmly weld the metal.

How can you prevent the rusting of a car?

You can prevent the decay of your vehicle due to rusting if you take care of it. There are some obvious steps that you can take as preventive measures. Like, keep your car clean by washing it regularly. It will keep the rust-causing elements away from your vehicle.

Then, keep monitoring the drain holes of your vehicle to ensure that rainwater does not get stuck inside it. This rainwater can cause corrosion if left there for a long time.

Get a regular inspection of your vehicle to ensure that damaged parts get repaired quickly, and rusting does not penetrate through these areas.

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