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Replacing the Windshield in Your Classic Car

Classic Cars are a trend – If you are restoring a classic car, replacing the glass can be an interesting challenge. Whether you are adding improvements or rebuilding from the ground up, replacing the glass can be an interesting adventure. Even if you are lucky enough to find pieces of window glass from the junkyard, you will want to make sure they are installed correctly and as close to as original as possible. The staff at Premiere Auto Glass can replace the glass in your classic car, making it look as good as or better than it did before.


Safety Glass is not a New Concept

In 1927, the first version of safety glass was invented. It wasn’t until 1932 that all models were using this safer option for windows on vehicles. It is still being used to protect drivers in accidents today. Nowadays we have a lot more advanced technology which has helped improve our product even further than before. With concepts like shatter proofing or laminated films that help reduce injury during an accident by preventing shards from shooting into your face if you’re driving through dense brush or foggy conditions at night where visibility isn’t great anyway!


Know the Kind of Glass Is in Your Car

After decades of use, some people are replacing classic cars old glass with newer automobile safety standards. Some pieces were not up to par though so it is crucial for you if you want to replace any that know the type and emblem in your car’s corner which denotes “safety glass”.

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Take help of Professionals

Restoring a classic car can be challenging, but there are things you should consider when installing the glass. For example, if this is your first time working with automotive glass or handling such delicate materials it may not be wise to do so on your own. If you want reliable results and peace of mind that everything will go smoothly in case they’re needed; let one of our professionals take over!

The benefits of professional installation include a guarantee or warranty, which you will not receive if you install it yourself. The pros know how to remove the old glass and prepare the area so that your new piece fits snugly into place. They also replace any trim or hardware that was removed during the removal process for an extra fee!

When you need an classic cars glass that looks and functions as good or better than new, our team is here to help. We can provide a variety of services from window replacements to windshield repairs. No matter how much your car might have changed in the meantime. Be it an ordinary sedan or something more exotic!

Premiere Auto Glass has years of experience servicing Mesa’s diverse customers with their various auto glass needs. Whether you’re looking for traditional windows like those on most cars, custom ones made just for modified body types. We’ll get exactly what you need to be installed so they look great and function well too!

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