Windshield Repair: Why you should leave it to the professionals

It is always best to let the professionals handle any job that can be done faster than if you had attempted it yourself. Windshield repair, for instance, often needs to happen immediately but most people put off until later because they are scared of being overcharged or not having their car ready in time for an event. It can be tempting to try and save a few bucks by trying it yourself, but there are some things you should know before attempting the fix.

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Why Leave Windshield Repair to the Professionals?


We know what you’re going to do. You’re going to go to the store and buy yourself one of those cheap DIY windshield repair kits, but think about this: It only does half the job! If your chip or crack is made worse by these things they are not worth it because then you’ll have a bigger problem on your hands.

We know that when there’s something wrong with our cars we want them fixed right away—but look before leaping into action too quickly. The price for one of those sounds better than paying a professional , but be aware that just putting some glue in an already cracked window doesn’t work as well as installing glass would !


By doing your own windshield repair, you have to realize that once it is done and there was a mistake made with the process, you cannot undo what’s been done. When repairing a crack or streak in the glass of your car window – if something goes wrong during this time- then an entire replacement might be necessary because of any mistakes on their part. This can cost more so don’t forget to consider saving up money for when those inevitable repairs are needed!


If you take the time to do your own windshield, it might take up an hour or more of your day and even a few days waiting for the perfect sunny conditions. Repair shops can fix this in about 20 minutes depending on how badly yours is damaged.


Before you go out and buy that DIY windshield repair kit, make sure to double check your insurance policy first. If the damage is caused by an accident then many policies will become invalid if you use a kit instead of a professional. This is because it’s more likely for someone not as experienced as to do too much harm than somebody who knows what they are doing would have done in this situation

Before going off and buying any kits at all consider checking with your Car Company or insurers – often times these can be invalidated due to accidents being repaired on them

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