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The Role of AR in Shaping the Future of Auto Windshield

Integration of augmented reality in car windshields not only enhances convenience and safety but also opens up new possibilities for...

Introduction: Integration of augmented reality in car windshields enhances convenience and safety and opens up new possibilities for entertainment and personalized driving experiences. AR technology revolutionizes the driving experience by overlaying digital information onto the windshield, providing drivers with real-time navigation, safety alerts, and vehicle diagnostics. This article delves into the transformative role of augmented […]

The Effects of ADAS On Windshield Replacement And Repair

PAG Shield

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems has been one of the most notable inventions in the automotive industry as they make vehicles safer as well as efficient for drivers. ADAS has been enabled to many cars since its advent and has been one of the leading technological features installed into automobiles. If we talk about ADAS of […]

Windshield Technology – Recent Developments

Windshield Technology

Technology has been that one push that is making the automotive industry advance. In the automobile industry, innovation always has to be present to stay up to date with the market needs. Similarly in the development of windshields, various innovations have been produced around the corner which you must know. Mainly, these include the introduction […]

OEM and OEE Windshields; What is the Difference?

OEE or OEM windshield

A cracked or a broken windshield replacement comes with the option of two; whether one wants OEE or OEM windshield. Making the best choice for replacing your windshield is very necessary for long-term results. Let’s talk about the structural and functional details of both types of windshields. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) OEM windshields are made […]

An Insight Into Different Types of Auto Glass

types of auto glass

We got the right set of guidance for you that you surely need if you have any link in the world of automotive services and repair. If you ever get your car glass smashed down by an accident, how would you know which one have you broken? What to tell your Auto glass replacement guy? […]