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Tips to Protect Your Windshield & Limit Damage

Protect Your Windshield, some tips are here – Windshield glass is designed for vehicles and it’s specially manufactured not to shatter in the event of an accident. It’s much stronger than other types of glass, making it more durable. Even when a stone hits your windshield, you might be able to get away without having any damage or needing windshield chip repair after all. But don’t let that fool you. Though they’re tough as nails on their own withstanding windswept rocks flying at them from every direction possible during inclement weather conditions. Such as rainstorms and snowstorms alike windshields are still vulnerable to small chips here and there over time. So drivers should always keep some form of Windex handy just waiting for those pesky little smudge marks.


Tips to Better Protect Your Windshield & Limit Damage

Some people might not know that windshield chip repair is a quick and effective way to deal with small cracks or chips. While this type of damage usually can’t be seen beforehand, it’s important for drivers to take care in the event where they do have any mishaps while on the road.

Better Driving Habits

The extra distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you will help to keep yourself safe. This will help you to protect your windshield. This is because debris may fly from other vehicles, which can ricochet off cars ahead without hitting yours as well. The greater spacing also gives you a wider range for decision-making when it comes to driving. If something happens up ahead that leaves room on either side of an obstacle in the road. Then there’s more time for everyone involved before they must make any last-minute adjustments with their brake pads.

Be Aware of Temperature Changes

Park in the shade, and take note of your car’s orientation to keep it cool. This is where physics enters the room. Windshield cracks are susceptible to drastic temperature changes. Avoid having your car parked in extreme heat. The cracks can expand and eventually become prey to greater damage. What at first seemed to be a minor repair, now involves an entire replacement.

Get Auto Glass Repaired ASAP

Windshield chips and cracks can be repaired. If you wait, the chip or crack may worsen to a point where it is more expensive to fix than if it were fixed immediately after discovery.

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Wiper Maintenance

Windshield wipers should be in optimum shape throughout the year. Once they are not, uneven pressure on your windshield can cause problems, and even more so if dirt or debris catches under an uneven wiper blade. This is a sure way to have scratches caused by surface damage!

NO use of Chemicals

Drivers should make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals when washing in order to protect the windshield. Because they can discolor and even compromise the protective coating. The best approach is to use products that have been approved by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

When You Require Windshield Chip Repair, Pick the Professionals at Premiere Auto Glass

Windshields are extremely fragile, but if you take the time to do a little maintenance to protect your windshield they will last much longer. The key is getting them repaired or replaced quickly. To avoid additional damage that may occur on your commute home.

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