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Windshield Cracking – Five Causes You Must Know and How to Avoid them

A person who has never experienced a cracked windshield is quite a lucky one. When we talk about Arizona, it has the highest number of windshield cracking all across the country. There are some simple steps that you can follow to protect your windshields from cracking, however, if you ever encounter this problem, Premiere Auto glass will be there at your service. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of why windshields crack.

windshield cracking

Extreme Temperature and Sunlight Effect

In areas such as Mesa and phoenix, the temperature is very hot. Extreme temperature and sunlight effect can cause the windshield to expand and therefore increases the chances of cracking. Prolonged sunlight exposure makes the windshield heated up. We immediately turn on the air conditioner as we step into the car, immediate cooling can also damage the windshield. We should take preventive measures and not park the car in direct sunlight.

Risk of Foreign Agents

While driving the car, your windshield is always at risk as we come across various foreign objects in the form of trucks, tree branches or gravel roads, etc. Whenever you pass through a gravel road, you must keep a distance from other vehicles to refrain from getting your windshield hit by any rock. Similarly, construction trucks carry a number of damageable objects such as debris, stones and steel, etc. Driving behind them can damage the windshield, as seen in any case. It is best to maintain a distance while driving. Moving towards parking behind shady trees, we often do that, right/ But one thing we forget is that trees keep shedding their branches that can hit the car and break the windshield. One must keep in mind the fragility of the windshield and not park behind heavily branched trees. In many cases, we also see balls hitting the windshield and smashing it. Usually, the children in the cricket ground do this. Therefore, one must keep in mind to not park the car in such an area.

All the above-mentioned preventive measures can save you from a cracked windshield and its negative consequences. If you still get a crack in your Auto Glass, contact Auto Glass repairing service.

Why Premiere Auto Glass for windshield repairing?

A cracked windshield has disadvantages to your car, such as water and dust entering into your car. Moreover, it can cause accidents due to chipped auto glass. Lager cracks are more dangerous as they can cause the windshield to completely break thereby increasing the risks of serious accidents which one must avoid. Therefore, Premier Auto Glass provides unique and best professional services to its customers to keep them safe and satisfied. Suffering from a cracked windshield? We are here to help you! Premiere Auto Glass is the premier auto glass repair and windshield replacement facility in Mesa Arizona serving the auto glass needs of customers since 1999. Get up to $375 cashback with every insurance-approved windshield replacement!

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