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What are the Pros and Cons of Automatic Cars?

Automatic cars have the potential to revolutionize our lives. They can significantly improve the quality of our lives. But being in the developmental phase, they have some drawbacks. Below are the major pros and cons of automatic cars:

Traffic efficiency


When automatic cars become common, traffic on roads will flow more smoothly. With their ability to communicate with each other, these cars will maintain the necessary distance. It will cause fewer traffic jams. They may also take you through a less crowded route and save you considerable time. 

Fewer accidents


These driverless cars will reduce the number of accidents on roads. The human factor is one of the primary reasons for these accidents.

For example, a driver may fall asleep and risks himself and other people on the road. On the other hand, a robot neither gets tired nor falls asleep. 

A robot is less likely to make a mistake while driving. Its only concern is to carry out the assigned task successfully. Whereas a human has so much on his mind that he always has a divided focus.

Drunk drivers also cause accidents every day. People don’t understand the risks of driving under the influence of a substance. If automatic vehicles replace such drivers, the number of accidents will fall considerably. 

Easy mobility for everyone


Driverless cars will make mobility easy for those with some disability or who can’t drive a conventional vehicle due to old age. It will ensure risk-free transportation for all. 

The cities that suffer from a lack of public transport will also significantly benefit from these automatic vehicles.



Automatic vehicles are highly beneficial for the society in terms of saving costs. These driverless cars will significantly reduce the expenses related to car crashes and healthcare. Government can use these funds for more productive purposes. It can use this money to improve the quality of life for its citizens. 

There are some drawbacks of automatic cars, including:

Radiation exposure


Automatic vehicles will increase your exposure to electromagnetic field radiations. Increased exposure to these radiations causes certain health conditions. It may result in headaches, chronic exhaustion, inner agitation, and sleeplessness. These radiations may also prove harmful to your eyesight.

Hacking risk


Any automatic device contains a risk of being hacked. Those who want to harm you may hack the system of your car and gain control of its control. Terrorists may also use this vehicle as a weapon.

There can also be some errors in the system of the vehicle. It may result in a loss of control. If you are driving at high speed and some glitch occurs in the system, it can prove deadly.

Job losses


Automatic cars will make thousands of drivers jobless. These driverless cars will make them redundant. There are millions of professional drivers in the USA. These people may become a massive burden on the economy. The government will have to find other means of employing these people before the complete transformation occurs.

Cost of road infrastructure


Current road infrastructure is ideal for manual vehicles. Driverless cars may require entirely new infrastructure for optimal performance. The government will need to allocate a massive budget to this cause.


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