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Why Is Car Speeding Dangerous?

Dangers of speeding

Every sane person knows about the dangers of speeding. Only the naive needs to understand the reasons why speeding is dangerous.

Driving beyond the speed limit is a violation of the law. It puts you and other people on the road in danger. When you cause an accident due to speeding, it results in consequences beyond physical and financial loss. You have to face legal proceedings and pay charges to the aggrieved party.

Speeding increases the chances of rollover during accidents. Most of the people involved in such an accident die. Those who survive live with traumatic injuries. Their brain or spinal cord gets damaged and bones shattered.

The collision at high speed makes the accident highly fatal. Someone who commits to speeding is more likely to lose control of his vehicle. They have much less reaction time to steer their vehicle out of the way. Those driving at moderate speed may safely survive a nightmare accident.



According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “speeding causes 33 percent of fatal accidents. It is also one of the primary factors to cause road accidents.”

Damages to economy

The dangers of speeding don’t limit to just individuals. They have repercussions for the whole society. The economy pays for the recklessness of a few individuals. Auto accidents cost the economy a trillion dollars each year. It comprises the actual cost and the price paid for loss of life.

Effects on environment

Speeding is not just dangerous for human beings. It also severely affects the environment. Speeding increases fuel consumption, which results in increased carbon emissions. It leads to global warming that melts glaciers and causes flooding. Masses will migrate in millions in the future. The economy will bear the brunt of climate change.

Reasons for Speeding

The people wo drive fast have many reasons for speeding. An impartial judge would call them lame excuses. No justification is strong enough against the threat to one’s life. Below are the popular pretexts for speeding:

Getting late

Many people have this excuse for speeding. They drive fast because they are getting late from their work. But it is not the best of the practices. It is better to reach your destination late than to meet a fatal accident.

Feeling anonymous

Some people feel that their car isolates them from the outside world. It encourages them to put caution to the wind. They choose to drive fast because they perceive unobserved.

Congested traffic

Increasing population is not just making cities populated. It is also making smooth driving on roads quite challenging. Congested traffic is one of the primary reasons for speeding. It makes people angry. They try to push their way through out of frustration.

Traffic blocks also make people late. They try to make up for the lost time and commit to speeding.

No regard for the law

Those who indulge in reckless driving have no regard for the law and the safety of others. They feel themselves above the law. It is rude and outrageous behaviour that must be penalized.

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