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What Are The Small Dots On Your Car Windshield?

The Real Reason Your Car Windshield Has Those Small Black Dots

You start your day, turn on your car and see your windshield and find spots. What are the black dots on your windshield? Have had a minute to ponder over it? You will be surprised to know that they are there for your safety. let’s explain to you the story of these black dots in detail.

What are the little black dots on your windscreen?

These little tiny dots are called frits. The windshield glass in modern cars is joined to its frame using a firm and long-lasting urethane adhesive. The Urethane adhesive helps in holding the structure of the windshield. 

What does Urethane look like?

Urethane comes in a variety of colours and shapes. But the urethane that is used in cars is usually of black colour. It is applied to the parameter of the windshield.


The frit is black painted enamel that’s baked onto the surface of the glass.

Purpose of the Frits

These frits, likewise, fulfill the role of elegance. They are set and heated in a halftone design, with more modest spots toward the outside, providing a delicate change to the remaining form of the glass.

Adding to their fashionable design, Craig Campbell, an automotive repair pioneer, and CEO at Auto Parts Guideline, states: ” They are imperative and aren’t anything to stress over. They are there to hold the glass set up and hold it back from moving around while the vehicle is moving. Without these dabs, the glass could turn out to be free and at last drop out of the edge.”

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Question: Should you be stressed if the dots have worn off?

Answer: As per Campbell, if you notice the dark dots wearing off, it’s critical to have them supplanted immediately.

“This is because the cement keeps the glass set up,” said Campbell. “Without it, the glass could turn out to be free and drop out of the casing. While this is probably not going to occur, it is as yet something that you ought to know about. On the off chance that you’re uncertain of how to replace the dots, you have the option of taking your vehicle to an expert for help.”

Reina, reiterating Campbell’s considerations, noted that this isn’t a DIY project if you don’t have any idea what you’re doing. “The windshield’s dark spots are a significant component, and you shouldn’t attempt to fix or change them,” said Reina. “The frit keeps your windshield attached to your vehicle, and without it, your windshield wouldn’t stick to your vehicle.”


These dots on a windshield are actually called frits. A frit is a painted black enamel that’s baked around the borders of a windscreen during the manufacturing process. 


Question: When is the ideal time to supplant a windshield?

Answer: On the off chance that the dark spots have worn off, you might not need to supplant your whole windshield. In any case, there are a couple of signs showing it’s high time to shop for another piece of glass.

“If there’s a crack in the glass, then it’s time to replace the windshield. If the crack is noticeable enough to obstruct your view, covers the greater part of your windshield, or stretches out to the external edge, it ought to be supplanted or fixed in a hurry,” said Reina. “If they are not tended to, the cracks can certainly be expected to spread.”

Reina, adding to this list, states that pitting is another major reason for windshield replacement. Pitting, more commonly known as sandblasting, is caused by constant exposure to residue, soil, and sand. They leave little imprints on the glass and white fog at the edge (because of hail and snow).

Not certain if it’s time? That is OK. ‘If you’re uncertain,’ Campbell added, ‘whether your windshield should be supplanted or not, you can always take it to an expert for an overhaul.”

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