Tips to Protect Your Windshield & Limit Damage

Windshield glass is designed for vehicles and it’s specially manufactured not to shatter in the event of an accident. It’s much stronger than other types of glass, making it more durable. Even when a stone hits your windshield, you might be able to get away without having any damage or needing windshield chip repair after all! But don’t let that fool you: though they’re tough as nails on their own withstanding windswept rocks flying at them from every direction possible during inclement weather conditions such as rainstorms and snowstorms alike–windshields are still vulnerable to small chips here and there over time; so drivers should always keep some form of Windex handy just waiting for those pesky little smudge marks.

Tips to Better Protect Your Windshield & Limit Damage

Some people might not know that windshield chip repair is a quick and effective way to deal with small cracks or chips. While this type of damage usually can’t be seen beforehand, it’s important for drivers to take care in the event where they do have any mishaps while on the road.
Better Driving Habits
The extra distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you will help to keep yourself safe. This is because debris may fly from other vehicles, which can ricochet off cars ahead without hitting yours as well. The greater spacing also gives you a wider range for decision-making when it comes to driving – if something happens up ahead that leaves room on either side of an obstacle in the road, then there’s more time for everyone involved before they must make any last-minute adjustments or manoeuvres with their brake pads!
Be Aware of Temperature Changes
Park in the shade, and take note of your car’s orientation to keep it cool.
Get Auto Glass Repaired ASAP
Windshield chips and cracks can be repaired. If you wait, the chip or crack may worsen to a point where it is more expensive to fix than if it were fixed immediately after discovery.
Wiper Maintenance
Windshield wipers should be in optimum shape throughout the year. Once they are not, uneven pressure on your windshield can cause problems, and even more so if dirt or debris catches under an uneven wiper blade. This is a sure way to have scratches caused by surface damage!
NO use of Chemicals
Drivers should make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals when washing the windshield because they can discolor and even compromise the protective coating. The best approach is to use products that have been approved by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
When You Require Windshield Chip Repair, Pick the Professionals at Premiere Auto Glass
Windshields are extremely fragile, but if you take the time to do a little maintenance they will last much longer. The key is getting them repaired or replaced quickly in order to avoid additional damage that may occur on your commute home.
Throughout Mesa, Premiere Auto Glass provides expert glass repairs, along with the best customer service. Find out more by calling 480-570-9293 and arrange for a FREE price estimate.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair or In-Shop Auto Glass Repair?

When you have a cracked windshield, the first question to answer is whether in-shop repair or mobile auto glass repair service will be best for your needs. For some people, it can be difficult to determine which of these two options would work best for them and their car’s specific situation. Let’s take a look at solid arguments that one might make on behalf of either option and see if we can help you decide what works better for your personal circumstances!

In-shop Auto Glass Repair

There is a strong argument to be made that auto glass repair in-shop provides more space for work and easier access to tools. Auto Glass specialists are also likely to take their time while working on your car, which could make you feel like they’re trustworthy since they want you happy with the job done right! Some people just prefer choosing an established business over one from someone’s home or apartment because of this sense of trust.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Mobile auto glass repair provides you with the convenience of not having to schedule an appointment and take time out of your day for a quick fix. With mobile auto glass repair, it doesn’t matter where you are when your car window is damaged or cracked because our certified technicians can come right to you! Driving in inclement weather can be a harrowing experience. If you have any windshield damage, it’s best to bring your vehicle into the shop as soon as possible so that we may ensure our work stays firmly intact for years and miles of driving

What are some key things people should know about mobile auto glass repair? First off, if there is particularly bad weather outside one might need to wait until conditions improve before making an appointment with us or else risk having their car repaired incorrectly due to lower quality adhesives not holding properly during cold spells. It also becomes much more difficult when repairing larger areas on cars like side windows because they’re too heavy for two people to complete independently without assistance from additional personnel such as another body-builder employee.

 Schedule and Preference Makes Decision

In-shop auto glass repair is best for those who are pressed for time and want to get their car fixed while they wait. Some people simply prefer the traditional brick-and-mortar shop experience over that of mobile service because it provides more comfortability with repairs by a professional technician in an environment where you’re not left feeling cold or uncertain about your vehicle’s safety.

In-Shop Auto Glass Repair: The Best Option For Those Who Want Quick Repairs And A Conventional Shop Setting

Mobile auto glass repair is a godsend for those who want to avoid taking off work or changing their schedule any more than necessary. With mobile service you don’t have the hassle of getting your car towed – it’s right there with them! Mobile services also offer some great benefits that in-shop repairs can never provide like having the windshield set and ready to be driven home within an hour after receiving treatment. For people on tight schedules this means being able to get back on track as soon as possible without delay; not only are they saving time but money too since no expensive tow truck fees will be incurred whatsoever!

Mobile auto glass repair offers all kinds of advantages over visiting shops: from avoiding costly tow trucks completely, skipping out on missing days.

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Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

It is important that you simply act quickly when a little chip or crack is spotted on your windshield – you ought to book a meeting to talk to an auto glass repair and replacement shop. They’re going to be ready to tell you if the windscreen needs repairing or replacing. For more information call or email the team at Premiere Auto Glass – we are happy to assist you to select the simplest options for your vehicle and your personal needs.

 Repairing a Windshield

The windshield repair process:

1. a radical clean of the windshield on the inside and outside of the vehicle. elbow grease is necessary!

2. An auto glass repairer will then inject a resin into the chip or crack.

3. Sometimes, a repairer will use an ultraviolet (UV) light to assist the resin to dry.

4. Once the resin is dry, the surplus resin is going to be shaved off. Voila! A repaired windshield – you’re good to travel.

It is important to say that a repair alone doesn’t often make the chip or crack disappear. The repair seals the glass to form the windshield safe again, but it’s going to leave a blemish or a smear on your glass. A repair won’t make the windshield cosmetically perfect, but a repair will stop the chip or crack from expanding and causing further damage to your vehicle.

 If you catch your windshield damage early, then a repair is usually less expensive and quicker than replacing the whole auto glass. Simple repairs usually take less than a half-hour, whereas a full replacement will take a lot longer. Similarly, a repair is going to be less expensive than replacing the entire pane of glass.

 If you’re unsure whether you would like to repair or replace the auto glass, then it’s best to see with the professionals. We’re always happy to assist – if you’re within the Arizona area, get connected with Premiere Auto Glass.

 When to replace Auto Glass

It is best to settle on for auto glass replacement on your vehicle if:

• The crack is longer or wider than the width of a banknote.

• The chip or crack is within the direct eyesight of the driving force (be bound to assess the view line of all of the drivers of the vehicle).

• The damage is at the sides of the windshield.

• The windshield is extremely old.

• The windshield is covered in many small divots.

Different companies will use different standards to work out whether the auto glass needs repairing or replacing, so it’s always best to see with a professional and obtain their expert advice.


A broken window puts you at the mercy of the weather and exposes your car to theft. Your valuables and car interior aren’t protected when using a temporary fix or patch on your broken window. If your car window is broken from road debris or smashed in an accident, calling Premiere Auto Glass to repair or replace your window is that the most effective thanks to get your car or truck window fixed and back on the road quicker.

The Main Causes of Damage and Treatments

Rock Chips and Cracks by Stones and Debris

Another leading explanation for additional damage that needs auto glass repair and windshield repair is rocks and debris. Various sorts of debris can find their way from the surface of roads or from other vehicles during a crash program together with your windshield, leaving chips and little cracks which may first not be detectable. The National Glass Association reports that as time passes, however, these tiny sorts of damage will soon manifest if not treated. Differently during which debris can cause a problem is by finding its way into areas that have already been damaged. Sand, dirt and wind can slowly erode small cracks, making them larger and requiring a full windshield replacement if not treated quickly.

Vibrations and Shocks

The final explanation for windshield damage that we’ll cover is that the effect that vibrations and shocks can wear your glass. Most roads have their justifiable share of bumps and uneven spots. These can cause vibrations and bumps along your commute which will slowly compromise a windshield’s integrity. additionally to the present , an existing issue can quickly become much bigger if you hit a pothole or hindrance. Other causes of injury during this category can pertain to the natural vibrations of your automobile and therefore the perpetual slamming of your car’s doors. It’s for these reasons that you simply should take care to shut your doors gently and make sure that the source of any internal vibrations is repaired as soon as possible.

Summer Heat

While automobile windshields are formed through a process that needs an intense amount of warmth , the finished product isn’t as immune to prolonged exposure to heat. very true when exposed to direct sunlight, any small chip or crack can ultimately be exacerbated through the weather of heat. Small fissures will begin to form throughout the encompassing area – many of which can not be visible initially – until the whole area of glass is compromised and requires a full replacement to rectify things. you’ll avoid this fate by inspecting your windshield on a daily basis and parking your vehicle during a shaded or covered area within the event a little crack appears; you’ll still got to have your auto glass repairs done as soon as possible, but this may prevent further damage by hot, summer climates.

The Winter Cold

Just like the recent climes of summer can cause additional damage to a compromised windshield, prolonged exposure to colder weather can likewise harm your auto glass. Not only will external exposure to weather make windshields more likely to develop running cracks, but the continual use of air conditioning or defrost settings can create weak spots during a windshield; this will also create invisible damage to otherwise healthy windshields which will dwell wait until a chip or fracture is made accidentally, causing the damage to spread at a faster rate. An equivalent remedy as above – parking during a covered or interior space – can help reduce the likelihood of injury, as can a gradual cooling of the car when using the air conditioning.

Cheap Windshield Repair

For many different sorts of damage to a windshield, an easy repair could also be enough to repair it. Small cracks, chips and other blemishes aren’t an enormous hassle for many auto glass technicians and typically take but an hour to repair. The value can vary counting on location, model and needed repair, but a windshield repair is nearly always cheaper than an entire windshield replacement. In many cases, a windshield repair technician will come to your location to form the repairs. Usually, windshield repair is roofed by your car insurance _ are often verified at the time a meeting is made.

Mobile Windshield Replacement

If the damage to your windshield is comprehensive or a minor flaw has been allowed to show into a way larger issue, a windshield replacement are going to be necessary. Running cracks along the windshield and significantly damaged windshields are prime indicators that a windshield will likely got to get replaced. An auto glass repair specialist can come to your location and make any needed repairs, which usually involves removing the old windshield, cleaning out any debris, installing the new windshield and allowing it to cure. Once this process is complete, your vehicle is set to travel. Windshield replacements are often additional expensive than simple repairs, so it’s smart to require care of any damage once you first notice it.

When you come to Premiere Auto Glass for an auto window replacement, our technicians will:

  1. Inspect the damage carefully
  2. Remove the door panel to access the remaining glass3.Vacuum any debris and glass from the vehicle
  3. Insert a fresh side window
  4. Test the regulator to make sure the window functions properly
  5. Replace the door panel
  6. Clean all of the glass on your vehicle
    The process is open and stress-freeis what we promise. We’ll complete the side window service fast, helping you retain safety and chase away with a stronger window.
    Schedule service online today-(480) 570-9293

When you schedule auto glass service with Premiere Auto Glass, we will make the repair to your car or truck window wherever is convenient to you! Our service locations capable to get you back on the road service your car windows with repairs or complete replacements.

Can’t make it into our auto glass shops? Our mobile auto glass technicians can come to you at the situation of your choosing in our site and fix your broken window on site.

Windscreen repair and replacement choice ‘good for safety’ – Premiere Auto Glass


We’ve all been there or experienced it on just one occasion or another: that each one too familiar driving scenario that places you and your car on the local highway when all of the sudden, a semi-truck kicks up a rock that comes hurtling toward your windshield. That unpleasant thud followed by a chipped windshield isn’t only frustrating but also discouraging. We all know too well that a little chipped windshield could become a crack at any time—and often happens once you least expect it. That is when knowing proper windshield repair techniques become important.
Replacing a windshield or any auto glass repair can become a costly situation but there’s a less costly alternative.  While the kit won’t eliminate the damage completely, it can minimize the looks of small bull’s eyes, spider web cracks, and star damage that are but 1 inch in diameter on windshields.

Auto Glass Repair Services Offered In Mesa, Phoenix, and surrounding Cities

We offer a good range of services that customers can avail of. Whether it’s a windshield chip repair or a cracked windshield that needs replacement, we’ll handle it for you. With a capable staff on hand, you can always rest assured knowing that you have an Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix professionals attending to your every need. Our Premiere auto glass repair services have always make customers satisfied so we are certain you won’t be disappointed.

The services we offer include:

  • windshield replacement Phoenix
  • auto glass repair Phoenix
  • car glass replacement Phoenix
  • glass repair Phoenix
  • car window repair Phoenix
  • Truck Glass Replacement Phoenix
  • Car Glass Repair Phoenix
  • Truck Glass Repair Phoenix

From hailstones to bad roads or frozen ice, almost anything can cause damage to your windshield or your rear and side glasses. In some circumstances, when the damage is very large, it makes more sense to travel for windshield replacement. However, in other situations, if the damage isn’t regrettable, repairing the windshield crack or chip will work.
At Premiere Auto Glass Repair, we provide you with repair services that are par excellence. Not only can we have certified technicians who will come to your rescue but we assure you that the work will get done as quickly as possible. We will provide you with a competitive auto glass repair quote and that we will have it taken care of.

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Mesa, Phoenix

If your auto glass is broken beyond repair, the sole solution are going to be to urge it replaced. Most of the newest vehicles are designed in such how that the windshield is connected to the roof support. This makes it hard to require it as a DIY project. Hence, it makes sense to hire our auto glass replacement Phoenix professionals to do the job right the first time. The replacement glass that we use complies with industry standards so it’ll certainly last long. The glass that we make use of adheres to the first Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards so it’ll always be nearly as good because the original glass you had.

Windshield Chip Repair Mesa, Phoenix

It’s highly recommended that any auto glass damage be addressed immediately and doing so will definitely be safer and benefit you by saving money and time. If your windshield features a chip right within the middle that bugs you each time you set eyes thereon , all you’ve got to try to to is bring your vehicle to us and that we will have it fixed as soon as possible. Windshield chip repair in Phoenix is typically covered completely by insurance companies so albeit you’ve got had an accident, you would like not need to worry about pocket money from your own pocket. By injecting the proper adhesive into the cracks, the glass will revisit its rigidity and feel nearly as good as new.

Windscreen repair & Replacement Mesa, Phoenix

Having a windshield with an enormous crack over it’ll make it impossible for you to drive. This is why you would like to urge your hands on our Phoenix windshield replacement services. A windshield replacement in Phoenix has never been easier than as it now is. By getting your vehicle to us, we’ll scan the damage and allow you to know if a replacement is basically necessary. Once you give us the go, our professionals will get on the work and install a replacement windshield that suits your needs. We will waterproof your windshield and what’s more, we even provide a lifetime warranty on the waterproofing.

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