How to decide when a windshield needs replacing

When you have a crack or chip in your windshield, how do you know when to repair it and when to replace the whole thing? It’s important that you make the right decision. If there is only one crack or chip on your windshield, then repairing is usually recommended. But if there are multiple cracks and chips on your car’s windshield, then replacement may be necessary. The cost of repairs will depend on the severity of the damage. If it seems like an expensive fix at first glance but having a new windscreen installed could save you money over time by preventing further damages down the line, this might be a good option.
We have all had the unfortunate experience of getting a rock chip in our windshield. The moment you notice it, your first thought is usually “I should just get this fixed right away!” However, there are some factors to consider before making that decision. What’s the size and location of the chip? How badly does it affect visibility? Is it especially near or far from your line of sight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then auto glass repair might be necessary!
When you least expect it, the unthinkable happens and your windshield suffers some sort of damage. Whether a scratch or crack in the glass from debris on the road or just a chip at an odd angle – whatever caused this unfortunate event could have been prevented if only there was someone to take care of it for you while driving! Lucky for us (or unlucky depending on how I look at it) we live in modern times where no longer do we need to worry about doing that ourselves; all those cracks are fixed as soon as possible by professionals who know what they’re doing so that our ride is always safe.
Your windshield plays an important role in the proper function of your vehicle, which is why it’s important that you address any damages as soon as they appear–no matter how small and insignificant they may seem. A crack can easily escalate into something worse should you hit another car or make an aggressive turn without addressing this problem first.
Car Window Repair and Replacement Ensures Safety
When it comes to broken windshields, the most important consideration is your safety and that of others. The truth is many drivers think it’s ok to drive around with a broken window but this poses a serious risk for you and other motorists on the road because if there was an accident or collision in front end accidents
The windshield provides up to 45% of the vehicle’s structural integrity so when they are not working properly then chances are more likely for injury during collisions. Luckily we have qualified technicians who can fix any type of damage at Premiere Auto Glass.
Finding an Auto Glass Repair shop That You Can Trust
One of the most important things you can do in a time when your car is damaged, especially if it happens while you are away from home and without access to repair stores, is find an auto glass chip repair near you that will come out. Arizona law lets all drivers get 100% coverage for replacement or repairs on their windshields so long as they were not at fault for the damage. All this means though is finding somebody reliable who has good reviews- but don’t just go with any company! Do some research into how well these companies work before calling them up and risking being stranded because theirs was actually worse than what was already there. If you live in Mesa, AZ and your windshield is broken or chipped then we are the team for you! We offer a mobile service that comes to wherever it’s most convenient for our customers. Give us a call today if this sounds like something that would work well with your schedule and make an appointment because time waits for no one.
The service at Premiere Auto Glass is second to none, with convenient mobile services that cater to your schedule. We use only OEM glass for your replacement or repair needs and are always up-to-date on the latest safety standards in-vehicle technology. Let us handle all of the repairs you need!

How Risky is driving with a Broken Windshield!


Driving with a broken windshield can be dangerous beyond just the dangers you might already anticipate. Driving is not only hazardous to your life, but also for those in the car with you because it puts them at risk of being injured or worse if something were to happen while driving as well.

Understanding this information will hopefully deter some people from making an impulsive decision such as getting behind the wheel of a vehicle without checking whether anything needs repair first before doing so potentially putting everyone’s safety at risk.

Compromised Structural Stability

Nearly 50% of the glass on your vehicle is in a windshield. Not only does it provide you with protection from weather, but also protects you and your passengers by providing structural stability during an accident.

 Incorrect Airbag Deployment

The airbags in your car rely on a perfectly-working windshield to function at full capacity. That’s right, it does more than just protect you from being hit by debris or another vehicle!

Decreased Visibility

A crack in your windshield can make it difficult to see the road ahead. By repairing a broken window, you can reduce this risk by getting that vision back!

Decreased Protection

A windshield is your first line of defense against the outside world. It blocks everything from sunlight to hail, insects and bird droppings to heavy rainstorms – no matter what it faces, a good shield will always protect you!


Windshield cracks and chips can cause distracting moments, which lead to a dangerous accident. It is best to repair these immediately so that they don’t distract you while driving.

Higher Costs of Repair

A small chip can be fixed before it becomes a full crack, which will rack up more costs. From your windshield to insurance rates and gas prices- everything’s going to go down the tubes if you don’t get that thing taken care of ASAP!

Premiere Auto Glass offers mobile service which means you can stay in the safety of your home or workplace while we take care of all your car’s repairs. Our FREE mobile service offers drivers peace of mind during COVID-19 because they know that Premiere Auto Glass has its back!

Have A Crack In Your Windshield? Summer Heat Can Damage Your Car’s Windshield?

As summer heat settles in, local windshield experts are warning motorists to get their cracked windshields fixed before it’s too late. With the increase in temperature and the extreme weather conditions that come with it, your windshield could crack worse than ever before. And if you’re not careful, you may end up paying for a full replacement instead of just a repair.

We all know that windshields can be a pain to clean during the summer, but there are some things you can do to prevent it from getting any worse. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to sail through summer without having any problem your windshield.

Parking in the Shade

Leaving your car under the hot sun for too long can do a lot of damage to it, but never fear! There are steps you can take to protect and save what is most important. Park in garages during summertime or cover up with curtains when inside; just remember not always put you at risk!

Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes

When it’s hot out and you want to cool down your car, take a minute before turning on the air conditioning. Roll down your windows so that some of the heated air escapes first- this will reduce how much warm heat enters when you turn on the AC later.

Take Care While Washing the Windshield

During summer, avoid washing your car’s windshield in the direct sunlight or when it is hot. Doing so can cause a sudden temperature difference and could result in cracks. It is best to wash your car during evening hours after the sun has gone down for optimal results without having any problems with condensation on the glass!

Early Repair or Replacement

If you come across a chip on your windshield, no matter how tiny, make it a point to get it fixed by an expert immediately. Summer is the season with high temperature and heat combined with road vibrations that can cause even tiniest of dings to spread and damage your window glass! Getting such damages repaired in time will save you from costly replacements later.

“People are just not thinking about their windshields as they should be,” said Premiere Auto Glass owner. “We have to remind them that if it cracks again or gets worse and you don’t fix it this time, then we’ll probably need a new one.”

Instead of risking your safety on the road because you didn’t get your cracked windshield fixed in time for the summer heat, call an auto glass repair service near you today. Our certified technicians can take care of business quickly and efficiently so there are no major complications with getting back out on the road.


ADAS will automatically avoid collisions with other cars when they sense an obstruction ahead or if lane markings are crossed without signaling-even reversing for up to one car length when necessary so there is no chance of collision. Sensors along roads also help detect any lights that signal upcoming traffic signs as well as hazards such as pedestrians crossing intersections at night and even blind spots which can be dangerous during rush hour traffic. The core functions of ADAS comprise lane leaving warning, adaptive tour control, independent emergency braking, adaptive headlights rearview cameras, forward collision warnings, driver tiredness detection, light control, automatic parking, automatic braking, night vision, traffic sign recognition, lane change assistance, blind-spot monitoring, turning assistant, and more.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive without any power steering?
Your vehicle has many safety features that make driving safer. One of these is the automatic driver assistance system or ADAS for short. This sophisticated technology helps your car’s sensors monitor and alert drivers about upcoming obstacles on a road or in their blind spot so they can take evasive action if necessary. However, sometimes new windshield installation could potentially shift how some of its cameras and sensors are aligned with each other- thus resulting in misalignment issues when installed as well as being unable to calibrate properly! Premiere Auto Glass will come out (or send someone) who knows just how to fix such problems swiftly by recalibrating them correctly using.
Why wait to recalibrate your ADAS after a windshield replacement?
Trust the professionals at our dealership for seamless work and superior service. You may not even be aware of it, but if you replace your vehicle’s windshield or another window with one that is different than what was originally on there then we recommend having someone calibrate the sensors in order to ensure they are functioning properly according to their original factory specifications.
Premiere Auto Glass has trained technicians who can handle most vehicles’ recalibration needs right here at our lot so just give us a call!


Our meticulous process ensures not only a flawless installation with the utmost care.

  • The vehicle is prepared

        The vehicle’s body and interior are coated in an armor of protection.

  • Wipers are removed

Windshields are delicate and cannot be removed as quickly or easily, so we take care of the task for you. Windshields can’t be removed without a professional’s help because they’re made from glass which is fragile and difficult to remove; let us do all the hard work!

  • The damaged glass is removed

               We start by removing all of the excess glue and debris from your windshield.

  • The new windshield is prepared

With the new windshield in place and ready to be mounted, the old one was removed. A coat of primer ensures that there is no residue left on it from its lifetime as protection for you against objects coming at you while driving your car. Bonding glue then lays over this surface to create a seamless bond between the two panes of glass; now all we have to do is mount them!

  • The new windshield is installed

The replacement windshield is installed with the use of exclusive, certified equipment and tools.

  • Drying

A minimum of 60 minutes is required for the new windshield to set.

  • Cleaning

The new windshield undergoes a deep cleaning to return to its original appearance.

Things You Didn’t Know About Cleaning Your Car Windows

There is a misconception that traditional glass cleaners should be used every time. It isn’t necessary to use it for everyday household tasks which are often best handled with warm water and a soft rag or sponge. Traditional glass cleaners can take care of tough grime like bird droppings, tar off the road, and even stubborn water spots if needed but using them when they’re not really needed wastes money on something you could easily do at home without expensive products.

Glass cleaner is a hot topic for drivers. One article says that warm water will do the trick in most situations, while manufacturers say you should use their products instead to remove tough grime and spots from your windshields. Keep reading below to learn more!

The debate about what type of glass cleaner works best on cars has been going on since there have been automobiles with windows made out of glass. Manufacturers want people who love driving around town or cruising along highways through mountain ranges (or any other scenic routes) think it’s all good until they get back home only realize how dirty their car was – but then again not many motorists are even aware when this happens after leaving an establishment such as gas station where one can find self-service features.

Your windows can be your car’s best friend or its worst enemy. When it comes to keeping them clean, many people use water and a soft rag for spotless protection from the outside world with minimal effort involved. For tougher spots such as tar that has come off of the road, traditional household glass cleaner will do what you need when no other methods are working – which is rarely!

This article provides an in-depth look at everything there is about cleaning your vehicle’s windshield so we’ll just summarize some key points: warm water usually does well on most surfaces without any additional help; if not then try using regular detergent soap since this typically cuts through anything including bird droppings and more stubborn stains like tree sap coming off onto

These cleaners generally contain ammonia or a chemical of the same caliber. Ammonia can be harmful to passengers on board if exposed for too long, and it’s also capable of breaking down certain materials used in vehicles such as plastics, rubber seals that keep moisture out from entering your vehicle; so you’re going to want something made specifically for auto glass when cleaning off bugs and grime stuck between windows!

These cleaners typically have ammonia or an equivalent substance within them– this is often not good news because while inside your car with closed windows (which are usually up) those who sit nearby will inhale potentially poisonous fumes. But what about all the muck found at eye level? The best solution would be one designed exclusively for automotive window clarity since

You can feel the difference in temperature of your car’s seat, steering wheel and dashboard. Driving with an erratic air conditioner is a frustrating experience for drivers who have to deal with it every day. Not only does this affect how comfortable you are while driving but also compromises visibility by fogging up the windows on long drives – not cool!

The best way to take care of your vehicle so that everything stays nice and clean is using special cleaners made just for auto glass such as Windex or Aquapel Waterless Glass Cleaner. This will make sure that there aren’t any harmful chemicals leftover inside from cleaning other surfaces like seats, steering wheels, etc.

Make Your Auto Insurance Claim Worry-Free With No Hassle

When you need the best auto glass repair service, Premiere Auto Glass is a smart choice. Not only are we efficient and effective when it comes to repairing your windshield or broken rear window but our customer service can’t be beat. We won’t make things difficult for you by forcing paperwork on top of everything else that’s going on while dealing with an accident – just call us at (480) 570-9293

Regardless of how your glass damage came to be, it is likely to make you feel stressed. This could involve repairing or replacing which can always be a rather nerve-wracking experience. That’s why we offer our customers the added convenience of not having to worry about insurance forms and paperwork!

We Make Auto Glass Repair Convenient For Mesa and Phoenix Area Residents.

If you’re involved in some kind of accident or minor collision, don’t worry! We’re here to help. With our Premier Auto Glass repair and replacement services we have the expertise necessary for any scenario – whether it’s an insurance company that needs taken care of, paperwork filed smoothly by us without hassle.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of a bump from one vehicle colliding into another (or vice versa), chances are there will be damage to your car windows and windshields no matter how small they may seem now. It can take up too much time dealing with claims via email when trying to fix things all at once out on their own; let Premiere Auto Glass handle this instead so as not create more fuss than it is.

We’ll take care of your insurance claims for any issue you have! Just book an appointment with us online and once we confirm it, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Rear Window Repair and Replacement

Side Window Repair and Replacement

And more!

Cracked Windshield? Repair or replace your windshield…

A crack in your windshield is never a good sign, but it’s even worse when that bad-sign turns into an expensive nightmare. Cracks in your windshield can usually be repaired without replacing the entire window. In order to avoid having a crack or chip obstructing your view while you drive, measure it and identify whether it’s less than 12 inches long with a quarter being smaller than the size of an inch – if so, then bring it into one of our professional glass shops for repair before driving again!

  • Protect against dirt. Dirt that gets into a crack or chip can make it more difficult to repair and placing tape over the point of impact is only an option if you don’t mind compromising your vision when driving!
  • Stay away from the sun. Park vehicle in a shady area or inside a garage to avoid heat and prevent it from weakening your windshield even further.
  • Don’t ignore the problem; otherwise you’ll end up with a big issue. Your small cracks and rock-chip “bull’s eyes” can spread if not repaired – which could lead to something much more serious down the line like getting pulled over for driving conditions that are unsafe or even worse!
  • Don’t drive with a cracked windshield unless it is smaller than 12 inches or you have an even bigger problem.
  • It’s critical to keep your windshield safe, so don’t blast it with heat or cool air. You want a balance of the two extremes – not too much hot and cold. So if you’re forced to use the defroster in freezing temperatures, turn on your car’s heater first!
  • Don’t create extra pressure inside the vehicle by slamming doors with windows all the way up. The car doesn’t appreciate it!
  • You should never wash your car in a storm. The moment you turn the hose on, water will get down into that area and cause more damage to your windshield than it already has been damaged by hail.
  • You should always have your windshield replaced if it’s been smashed or cracked. In order to maintain the structural integrity of your car, even small cracks and chips in a window can be hazardous over time. Get them fixed as soon as possible!
  • Don’t even think about going to a general mechanic for your windshield repair or replacement. They will do more harm than good, and they won’t be able to meet the rigorous requirements of auto-glass specialists like us!

One important task that should be done to ensure your safety is checking on the quality of auto glass. Contact Premiere Auto Glass – an auto-glass provider for windshield repair or replacement and look for a glass installer that is registered, certified, and has fully trained technicians — many installers offer mobile service so they can come right out to you!

Factors To Consider Before Fixing Damaged Auto Glass

A well-maintained fleet can reduce costs and downtime. Drivers should be on the lookout for windshield cracks, chips, dirt or bugs that may compromise visibility.

Chips and cracks on a windshield often go unnoticed, but these tiny imperfections can cause some of the most dangerous situations for drivers. A chip or crack in their line of sight is distracting to them and may even lead to an accident because it blurs their vision while driving.

Of all things that can happen when transporting vehicles like fleet maintenance managers think chips and small cracks are least likely problems yet they’re actually major concerns for both driver safety as well as organization’s bottom lines due costs involved.

The newer glass used in cars is lighter and better, but it has made the window more likely to crack.

Here are few things to consider in how you select vehicle glass repair or replacement and how to decide upon the work to be done:

 Is a chip in your windshield really that bad?

Cars are complicated machines that require constant maintenance and attention. They also have a lot of moving parts, which means they can get damaged easily – if you don’t take care of them! This is why it’s so important to pay close attention when your car has problems.

Your vehicle’s windshield is not just a safety measure: it also ensures that your airbags deploy properly and helps maintain the structural integrity of your car in case you roll over.

Damaged glass can be incredibly fragile and should not be used unless it is repaired or replaced. 

Is a chip repairing really a safe alternative to glass replacement?

The fleet manager is responsible for ensuring that the vehicles are in running condition. There’s no worse feeling than being on a job and having to turn back because one of your cars has broken down or caught fire. That said, it comes as quite an inconvenience when you need to replace windshields frequently due to small chips or cracks which could be easily repaired with modern technologies like Gorilla Glass repair kits!

The chip repair process is a simple fix that can be done in minutes. A vacuum creates an airtight seal and with the use of UV light, we are able to harden this resin over your damaged area within seconds!

 Not all auto glass and windshield repairs are equal, nor is the training that technicians receive.

 What if the crack is too big to repair?

If you need to replace your car’s window, be sure it passes National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards before getting a new one!

If you work with a glass shop that offers nationwide warranties for as long as you own or lease the vehicle, be sure to make sure they also have guarantees in place so your warranty will pass inspection.

How soon can I get my windshield replaced?

The downtime will depend on a number of variables, including how quickly the service can be scheduled and proximity to a physical location. Service appointments are often made same day or next day, depending on availability. And fortunately for you – many providers offer mobile repairs technicians that come out right away!

With a cracked windshield, it is important to get the work done as soon as possible. The technician will advise you on safe drive-away times after they install your new glass in about an hour or more depending on how long before then you discovered the problem and brought it into one of our shops for service 

Are there any risks for you to take a chance?

The risk of damaging your vehicle during a replacement has decreased significantly over the years due to enhanced technician training and the development of innovative tools.

Premiere Auto Glass’s technicians are some of the most well-trained in the industry. Training includes months of intensive schooling and a live apprenticeship with another technician to gain hands on experience and knowledge before certification can be given.

Window Care: Tips and Tricks

The glass on your car windows is delicate. Unlike other parts of a vehicle, you have to keep an eye out for air bubbles and scratches that show up as the window ages.

When we think about caring for our car’s windows, it might seem like there isn’t much to do because they’re just made from glass – but if this was any other part of your vehicle then you would need regular inspections too! Just like anything else related to cars, we want our windshields clean with no cracks or stains so check in often until those problems arise and fix them right away before the damage gets worse.

1. Chips on the Windshield

When driving, rocks thrown up by other cars can cause small cracks on the windshield. Sometimes these chips are so tiny that they don’t affect your view or how it looks from outside of the car; however, if you ignore them long enough without repairing them, then eventually a crack will appear and this is when things get more complicated.

The most important thing to remember about chip repair is not ignoring problem areas because once one area has been damaged there’s no way stop any additional damage done unless repairs have already been made within 24 hours after initial contact with an object that may create chipping like for example-a pebble bouncing off during sharp turnings. The last thing you want is to be driving in the rain with a cracked windshield, which could cause your car’s structural integrity. Chips can easily spread over time if they aren’t addressed promptly and professionally by an auto glass repair expert. If these issues are left untreated for long enough then it may lead to needing the whole window replaced at high costs (time + money). Get ahead of any potential problems before their severity worsens with professional help from an experienced company like ours!

The best way out of this situation would be come visit us- we’ll make sure that all chips on your vehicle will get fixed as soon as possible so there won’t need replacing later down the road or worse yet risking injury while driving during inclement weather.

2. Regularly Clean Your Windows

You need to regularly clean your windshield and car windows. Many things can stick to them, including insects, dirt or bird droppings that get on the glass. When you thoroughly clean your car make sure to wipe down both sides of the window with a high-quality cleaner and microfiber cloth so they’re really sparkling!

3. Make Sure Your Wiper Blades are Up to Date

Wiper blades are notorious for tearing without any major cause. Torn wiper blades can also scratch the windshield, which will be permanent and you’ll need to replace it with a new one if there is an issue in your wipers.

4. Keep Your Car in the Shade

You need to be careful about what kind of windows you have in your car. All cars are not the same, and some types can’t withstand the heat from sunlight as well as others. Windows that haven’t been properly coated with a special spray-on plastic coating might start peeling off or cracking for no reason at all if they’re constantly exposed to direct sunlight even just a little bit too long – which is why it’s so important that when possible, people keep their window shades closed during daylight hours whenever they drive around (especially near big cities).

Premiere Auto Glass is the leading auto glass service provider for Mesa. If you need any of our services, we offer free quotes and can come to your convenience. Contact us today!

A Brief Guide on Types of Auto Glasses

Different types of auto glass are available on the market that you can choose from. The type of window and windshield material will determine what kind to get for your car, so a qualified professional is needed if you don’t know which one at this point in time.

The different types of automobile windows range widely in durability, clarity and light transmission properties; however there are three main classifications: tempered safety plate glass or laminated window (two panes), insulated warm-edge vinyl/plastic film coated with heat resistant PET adhesive, polyvinyl butyral coating applied over both faces) “warm edge”(one pane).

Here’s brief information on different types of auto glass that will help you provide detailed information to your auto glass service provider. You may want to know if they are able and willing to work with the type of material, whether it is laminated or tempered safety glazing, how much damage can be repaired by each type before requiring replacement. There are many things for which this article provides detail!


A car windshield is a window made from glass at the front of your vehicle, which allows you to view the road. It supports and protects both yourself and other drivers on the road with its roof structure that can withstand sudden impacts like airbags deploying safely while also keeping out trash or debris coming off from cars in front of yours by means of strong winds hitting it directly ahead. Windshields are designed to provide maximum levels of protection in case of an accident. In high impact situations, the glass shatters but broken pieces do not disperse and stick to a vinyl inner lining preventing any further injuries.

Front and rear door glasses

As the name implies, front and rear door glasses are an important part of your car. Depending on the design, they slightly vary in terms of size and shape. However all cars have two sets: one for each door–the doors that let people enter or exit from inside to outside; these lenses should be made out a tempered glass as it is far less likely to shatter when broken into small pieces which also helps avoid additional damage if you’re sitting up close in a vehicle accident where someone shattered their window while exiting through them

The importance of having both types can’t be stressed enough- especially since most accidents happen due to poorly designed materials like plastic windows panes!

Front and rear vent glasses

Vent windows are a feature that is often seen on older cars, and serve to provide fresh air without the need for an AC system. These vent windows were typically mounted next to doors at either front or rear of vehicles depending which side needed more ventilation. However, they have now been replaced by fixed glass in most modern models because their main purpose was not so important with newer vehicle design.

The passage above talks about how vents used to be found on many different types of automobiles but due to changes in technology it has decreased drastically.

Quarter glasses

Quarter windows are glass side-facing panels that can be seen as extensions of a car’s doors or vents. These small, paneled sections were designed for ventilation in older vehicles but modern cars no longer need this function so they’re not practical these days. But quarter glasses still offer better visibility to the driver and help eliminate blind spots when driving around corners.

Back glass

The back glass is the last line of defense against outdoor elements and pests. Unlike front windshields, which are made using laminated tempered glass rather than standard tempered glass, this material requires a different price point to maintain its strength.


What’s the difference between OEM and OEE auto glasses? Both are manufactured by a different company, so what separates them in quality or warranty? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glasses are manufactured by the same company who made original auto glasses. Conversely, Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) auto glasses are manufactured by a not the same company who made original one. Both offer almost the same quality, but OEM products come with a better warranty.

 Are you looking for professional auto glass and windshield repair and replacement services?

Call Premiere Auto Glass today! Based in Mesa, AZ, we are a renowned automotive glass repair and replacement company that has been serving the auto industry for more than a decade. Give us a call at 480-570-9293 to get started! 

Facts About Windshield Chip Repair

Facts about Windshield Chip Repair

Does repairing a windshield chip really work?
Absolutely, Repairing versus replacing the windshield keeps the original factory seal intact and saves fleets time and money by avoiding replacement cost, which can be even more expensive than repair price if it is not done properly! And when you need to replace your entire car’s glass window due to damage or faulty installation, an auto glass company may refuse outright because of those hidden costs associated with installing new windows on just one side of your vehicle. So don’t risk any further delays; contact Premiere Auto Glass today for all repairs needed for that cracked windshield in order to maintain safety inside as well as out–no matter what size they come in!

Can you repair a windshield Chip by yourself?
Repairing a cracked windshield is also relatively easy, even for amateurs. Typical chip repair kits come with everything you’ll need to patch the dent, including UV-activated epoxy and resin – curing strips; suction plungers; simple scraping tool.

Should I fix a small chip in the windshield?
Even though the damage seems very minor, it is important to repair the chip as soon as possible. If dirt and debris are embedded into the area of this small part around your windshield wipers or even everyday weather like wind storms can force dirt into these chips that make you less effective when repairing them which could lead to an unrepeatable crack on your window!

Is the chip still visible after repairs?
There is always a scar left from the broken glass, even after trapped air has been removed. However, most of our windshield repair jobs turn out looking better than when un-repaired.

How windshield chips are repaired?
The process to repair a windshield chip is generally quick and simple, and it can be performed by most windshield repair technicians.
When a windshield is damaged, it’s important to know how to assess the damage. The technician will first inspect and investigate what type of repair would be best for this situation. This may involve checking out both size and type of chip in addition to debris embedded within that area
Then technician will clean the area of the chip so that, hopefully, no moisture or debris is sealed into the repaired spot. If there is substantial debris in the chipped spot, the repair will result in a cloudy spot on the windshield. This can be a problem if the chip is in the driver’s line of sight.
The chip is sealed with a special resin material which will be hardened by an ultraviolet light. The hardening process results in the clear liquid becoming as solid and blendable to the windshield glass, while any excess resin that dries for too long would have been removed before it had time to spoil your car’s sleek surface.

The professional service offered by our company-Premiere Auto Glass is very fast and efficient. Our windshields are restored to the same condition as before they were damaged so that you can be back on your way in just a short time!

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